Eurovision Song Contest Wrap-Up

So, first, sorry for the delay, I have had some major crap go down that did not allow me to post this when I wanted (the reason for that will be made very evident on Friday when I post my 100th [100TH!!!] post).

With that said, let’s look at the top 5 songs from the show along with what I believed the verdict would be:


WINNER: Conchita Wurst – “Rise Like a Phoenix” (Austria)



Verdict: It’s a hard call, but I think this may be the one song that probably deserves to get in, but doesn’t because it’s not poppy enough. Actually, it’s more like the song feels too dated for the times

2ND PLACE: The Common Linnetts – “Calm Before the Storm” (The Netherlands)



Verdict: This is another tricky one because it’s not going to necessarily be done on the merits. They’ll clear the semis, no problem. While I don’t believe country music is as huge worldwide as it is here, I don’t see why they don’t make the finals purely on quality. I wonder if the fact that it’s country music they’re selling hurts their chances, and I don’t know if the youth set connects to them easily, so I don’t think they win, but they may make a good push.

3RD PLACE: Sanna Nielsen – “Undo” (Sweden)



Verdict: Sanna’ll make the finals relatively easily. If she stabilizes that one word, she will be a major threat. She should make top ten, even make a good push for five. As it stands she’s hovering around the three spot in my book.

4TH PLACE – Aram MP3 – “Not Alone” (Armenia)




Verdict: Since Aram Mp3 has talent, he’ll make the finals relatively easily. I don’t think he’ll win in the finals, but I have a feeling he’ll pop relatively high. He may make top ten, even

5TH PLACE – Andras Kallay-Saunders – “Running” (Hungary)


Verdict: He’s in the finals, guaranteed. If Kállay-Saunders can pull this off live, and they keep the DnB beats on it, then he’s got a real good shot to bring Budapest a show. This is probably going to end up being my either number one or number two pick right here especially since this was my personal pick when the songs were just starting to get released.


Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Romania


Welcome to part 31 of our 37 part run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Today’s edition is special because it marks the last entry of the semis! Next week will be all Big five, and then Monday, May 5, I’ll post my picks. The country that gets the honor of being the last is… Romania!

Artist: Paula Seling & Ovi

Song: “Miracle”

Analysis: If I can count on the Romanians for one thing, it’s to come up with some kind of techno track, or a gimmicky song that has no chance in hell at winning for one reason or another. Vocals are decent for what it is, whoever came up with the track should probably enter this themselves

Verdict: I could totally work with this track, but I don’t think it’ll win only because I HIGHLY doubt Paula could pull off that hella long note through three or four octaves live. If she can and does, then this would be a dark horse, if not the dark horse choice.

Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Macedonia


This is part…God, what are we up to now? 27  of our 39 part run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Skopje is one of the last places on Earth one would remember existed, but will their entry to the Contest will definitely make you remember the name, and possibly host it? Let’s take a look!

Artist: Tijana

Song: “To the Sky”

Analysis: Well, it’s definitely a pop song, and it’s actually pretty well done. Tijana has a pretty good, albeit low, range, and has good command of it. The melody is quite catchy for a pop-techno track. There’s not that many lyrics, that is to say there’s a verse and then the chorus is repeated fifty-seven times, but that’s okay in this case, she’s doing more than enough to look beyond that issue. Whether or not she can do it for real, live, we’ll see.

Verdict: Definitely makes the finals. Definitely makes a good run, the question is how high? I can make a pretty good argument for the win. I don’t think it will since there are a few tracks that are better in my opinion, but she’s definitely top ten, maybe even top five.

Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Israel


Shalom! Part 18 of our 39 part run up to the start of the Eurovision Song Contest takes us to way too sunny Jerusalem as we break down Mei Finegold’s chances to bring the Contest home for Israel.

Artist: Mei Finegold

Song: “Same Heart”

Analysis: As with many other entries, no live video of this song exists. That is a bad sign. I was willing to give the vocals the benefit of the doubt (because the trance track by itself is pretty badass, as is the video), but we hit the chorus and I’m done. Does the track have a chance? Yes, on the strength of the track itself, but do I have doubts Mei Finegold can sing this live? Yes, and I don’t like the sound either. The vocals should be at least half an octave higher for what she’s trying to pull off. If you’re going to channel P!nk, you better have her range too, because it sounds like Finegold is struggling to save her voice to break into that second octave on big notes, and that key change near the end was barely noticeable until that slide down that just sounds awkward.

Verdict: It will be a halfway miracle if she gets in, but even if she does, she will be near the bottom. Politics aside, the song and vocals aren’t that strong, the only real good thing about this is the trance track in the back.

Now Playing: Biorhythm Mix (29 Lines Mix)

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Lotsa crap happening means that it’s time for me to drop a new playlist! It has been in development for a while now, but I am proud to release the latest in the Biorhythm series: 29 Lines Mix!

Name Game: This one is real simple. We keep a spreadsheet of calls taken at my job, so one line for every birthday.

Temporality: Evening/Night. This isn’t a mainroom/bigroom mix, but it is a good party starter. A “I just got off work on a late shift Friday, am in bar clothes and am ready to start it up” list

Notable Tracks: Not realizing that this was going to be a short list, I totally just picked the best three and did them up in the Beta post, thus, I refer you back to it.


  1. The Cloudy Day – “Aurora (Original Mix)”
  2. The Cloudy Day – “Aurora (Abandoned Rainbow Mix)”
  3. Above & Beyond – “Alone Tonight”
  4. Inva – “Lonely Tonight”
  5. Juventa – “Stella Polare”
  6. Oxygen feat. Andrea Britton – “Am I On Your Mind (Flashtech Remix)”
  7. Tiesto – “Adagio for Strings (James Dymond Rework)”
  8. Simon O’Shine – “Wuthering Heights”
  9. Mat Zo feat. Rachel K. Collier – “Only for You”
  10. Myon & Shane 54 & Cole Plante feat. Ruby O’Dell – “If I Fall”
  11. Driftmoon & Andy Bluman feat. DSharp – “Leviticus”
  12. Blende – “Rikki (Le Crayon Remix)”
  13. Atella – “The Monster (Original Mix)”

Happy Listening!

Beta: 29 Lines Mix

o2abaandbmat zo

Hello music fans! It’s my birthday and I am still recovering from last night! It’s taken some time, but I’ve decided to man up for a little while before getting on to my family’s birthday dinner and drop this last stop on our tour of birthday mixes. This one is not quite done, but what the hell, a sneak peek is my gift to you guys! Spoilers follow:

Above & Beyond – “Alone Tonight”

Above & Beyond doing an acoustic album. Sounds sacrilegious. I listened to the whole album, and in general, it’s not bad. Given how I love electric versions of all of these tracks, I am a little biased, but after I heard this gem on Group Therapy, I grew to like it even more. Why? Because like they said on the show, it sounds like a James Bond theme. Maybe Broccoli/Eon would turn to a legit EDM artist for their next one, or get Above & Beyond to do it…

Oxygen feat Andrea Britton – “Am I On Your Mind (Flashtech Remix)”:

Andrea Britton has been on my radar since I was a freshman in college (that’s 2003, folks) and she has never really failed to impress me. This new remix of “Am I On Your Mind” reminds me of the progressive trance (back when there was a true difference) that I started listening to, and the trance that seems like is going to drop come the spring. If this is any indication, I can’t wait!

Mat Zo feat. Rachel K. Collier – “Only For You”:

One thing I would intensely enjoy is techno music (EDM, whatever the hell you want to call it) to have the same attitude in its sound like it did in the early to mid 90s when it was considered underground and borderline subversive. The opening synth line hearkens exactly that. The rest of the track sounds like the direct spiritual descendant of Daft Punk’s Discovery. Another fine track form the likes of Mat Zo. Rachel K. Collier is someone I’m just hearing for the first time, and based on this track, I’d like to hear some more. She’s got potential!

Backtrax: Lv. 28 Mix – Winter 2013

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Finishing up our tour of birthday remixes going back to 2010, today’s Backtrax takes us to last winter’s mix and to when I turned twenty-eight and started figuring crap out. Presenting the last stop on the tour, the Lv. 28 Mix!

Name Game: I started playing two first person shooter RPGs like it was my job: Mass Effect and Borderlands. I spent most of my time leveling up. It just so happens I attained level 28 on my birthday…

Temporality: Morning. Definitely morning. You can pull off early afternoon, but tihs is definitely a wake up and have a cup of coffee, or a mimosa and get to work mix.

Notable Tracks:

Beat Assailant – “Hard Twelve (The Ante)” and Dynas feat. Wrekonize, LMS and Rich Medina – “90 Degrees”: These are great examples of the last gasp of legitimate hip-hop that I’ve seen that isn’t the glorification of trying to be Jigga, Weezy, or someone else know by a ridiculous shortening of their stage name that ends in a vowel sound. B.A. and Dynas each actually have something to say hat’s substantive and says so without resorting to slapping hoes, or talking about guns. Each of their beats are classic and complicated in a unique way. If you pulled B.A. off the track, you would have no way of knowing that this was a hip-hop track. With Dynas, its a straight beat, but the addition of harmony in the lyrics make the beat more real instead of just this hook you use to get people to listen to the track.

Michiko – “Stuck On You (Lemongrass Samba De Sol Remix)”: This is what you get when you blend downtempo, house, and bossa nova together. Michiko’s vocals are sweet and soulful, the bossa beat makes you want to drink, and the beat drives the song in such a way that it’s almost extraneous, but at the same time you know that if it was much harder, the song wouldn’t be able to keep up.  This is probably my number two favorite track on the list. Rover’s “Silence to Navigate” is my favorite, but that has already been featured on a playlist.


  1. Cocoon – “American Boy”
  2. Beat Assailant – “Hard Twelve (The Ante)”
  3. Dynas feat. Wrekonize, LMS and Rich Medina – “90 Degrees”
  4. Wax Tailor feat. Jennifer Charles – “Heart Stop”
  5. Mariama – “Easy Way Out”
  6. Ami – “Trumpet Lights (Extended Edit)”
  7. Michiko – “Stuck On You (Lemongrass Samba De Sol Remix)”
  8. Severin – “The Edge of a Sunday (Breakbot Remix)”
  9. Late Night Alumni – “Shine”
  10. Funky Engine – “Promised Land”
  11. Highco – “If Only I Could (Club Mix)”
  12. Beat Service feat. Loverush UK and Shelly Harland – “Different World 2013 (Beat Service Edit)”
  13. Cool Project feat. A Girl and a Gun – “Russian Winter (Manteeny Remix)”
  14. Dirty South & Michael Brun – “Rift”
  15. The Hundred in the Hands – “Young Aren’t Young”
  16. Rover – “Silence to Navigate”
  17. Late Night Alumni – “Summer Lies”

Stay tuned for Monday’s debut of the newest birthday mix, 29 Lines Mix!

Happy Listening!