Backtrax: FDNDA Mix – Winter 2012

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Today’s Backtrax takes us back to the winter of 2012, probably one of the worst winters of my life, and into arguably the most…what the hell happened to me playlist you are likely going to hear. Presenting the FDNDA Mix!

Name Game: This was the high water mark of truly hating my job. The distance, the clients. Co-workers were cool, and the only good thing about the job. I had a constant doom around me like I was getting metaphorically assraped every day, or “effed in the a” (for our PG rating). FDNDA

Temporality: Early morning/night Why the variance? The is either a brace mix, to steel yourself against the day, or a release where you just want to put up middle fingers and see who really gives a fuck (so much for the PG rating…).

Notable Tracks:

Blood Stain Child – “Sirius A” and “Stargazer”: Three words for you: trance death metal. This almost certainly had to have been a Kotaku hat tip because holy shit.

Dirty Vegas – “Little White Doves (Nightriders Remix)”

Man Without Country – “Closet Addicts Anonymous”

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – “Record Collection 2012 (Plastic Plates Remix)”

Citizens! – “True Romance”

Galileo Galilei – “Asu E”: Every winter since the Synthesizers Akimbo Mix, I have consistently found a block of electro/idie tracks that are so awesome, that I forget how much I don’t like indie music. This is probably not true nearly as much as I have started to learn the difference between good shit and bad shit, This block of five songs is probably best set of indie and electro of all of my lists. The one standout, and for obvious reason is “Asu E”. First, it’s Japanese. Second, it’s an opening theme for Gundam AGE (the first one to boot. Its follow up, Negoto’s “Sharp #” appeared on the following spring’s Callback Mix). Third, it’s surprisingly American sounding.


  1. Blood Stain Child – “Sirius A”
  2. Blood Stain Child – “Stargazer”
  3. Korn feat. Skrillex – “Chaos Lives In Everything”
  4. Korn feat. Skrillex & Kill the Noise – “Narcissistic Cannibal”
  5. Korn feat. Skrillex – “Get Up!”
  6. capsule – “I Will”
  7. capsule – “Keep Hope Alive” (can’t find a clean rip, start listening at 16:43)
  8. TyDi feat. Tania Zygar – “Why Do I Care? (Radio Mix)”
  9. Space RockerZ feat. Tani Zygar – “Puzzle Piece (Radio Edit)”
  10. Veracocha – “Carte Blance (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
  11. Moony – “I Don’t Know Why (Steven Quarre & Morris Mavado Remix)”
  12. Bodybangers feat. Carlprit & Linda Teodosiu – “One More Time (Radio Edit)”
  13. ATFC feat. Lisa Shaw – “Walk Away (ATFC’S VB Weekender Vocal Mix)”
  14. Jean Jacques Smoothie – “2People (2011 Rework – DCup Remix)”
  15. Sandy Rivera – “Love (Agent Greg Mix)”
  16. Soulstice – “Fall Into You “Fred Everything Movin’ Vocal Mix)”
  17. Blaze – “Lovelee Dae (Joyce Muniz Remix)”
  18. Dirty Vegas – “Little White Doves (Nightriders Remix)”
  19. Man Without Country – “Closet Addicts Anonymous”
  20. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – “Record Collection 2012 (Plastic Plates Remix)”
  21. Citizens! – “True Romance”
  22. Galileo Galilei – “Asu E” (skip to 1:48…copyrights are a bitch…)
  23. Blood Stain Child – “Sai-Ka-No”
  24. capsule – “Open the Gate” (it’s the very first song.)

Happy Listening!