Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Spain


Welcome the next to last post, part 36 of our 37 part breakdown of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We’ve got one more after this one to go before the big show next week. I will give my official picks on Monday, and then we will see how it all goes down! But, before that, let’s break down today’s next contestant, who, like Axel Hirsoux, is counting on pop star show experience to get the W for Madrid. Ruth Lorenzo, come on down!.

Artist: Ruth Lorenzo

Song: “Dancing in the Rain”

Analysis: Well, I will say this, it’s certainly not what I had expected Spain to put up, that is for sure. That said, this is a standard adult contemporary pop song. If this were the States, it would be whatever this generation’s equivalent of Celine Dion is, but not nearly as good. Now, I make the point specifically in that way so that I can play that any way the hell I like. Don’t forget, Celine Dion won this in 1988 for the Swiss doing the ’88 equivalent, and by God, the music back then was HORRIBLE!

Getting back to the point, this song would be good if there was some kind of a beat on it, slightly sped up and if this chick could just goddamn stick those big notes. She sounds like she’s slides in and out of key in spots. It’s like her voice isn’t strong enough to carry the load of this song, which would be a great song with a slightly better vocalist

Verdict: All things being equal, I would be generous in saying that this will run in the middle of the pack. Realistically, it all depends on how generous the televote will be to her. The industry vote should break the correct way to get her in the low middle, but we’re talking the difference between 15th and 21st here. The televote could make Lorenzo go places, but I don’t think she breaks much higher