Eurovision Song Contest Wrap-Up

So, first, sorry for the delay, I have had some major crap go down that did not allow me to post this when I wanted (the reason for that will be made very evident on Friday when I post my 100th [100TH!!!] post).

With that said, let’s look at the top 5 songs from the show along with what I believed the verdict would be:


WINNER: Conchita Wurst – “Rise Like a Phoenix” (Austria)



Verdict: It’s a hard call, but I think this may be the one song that probably deserves to get in, but doesn’t because it’s not poppy enough. Actually, it’s more like the song feels too dated for the times

2ND PLACE: The Common Linnetts – “Calm Before the Storm” (The Netherlands)



Verdict: This is another tricky one because it’s not going to necessarily be done on the merits. They’ll clear the semis, no problem. While I don’t believe country music is as huge worldwide as it is here, I don’t see why they don’t make the finals purely on quality. I wonder if the fact that it’s country music they’re selling hurts their chances, and I don’t know if the youth set connects to them easily, so I don’t think they win, but they may make a good push.

3RD PLACE: Sanna Nielsen – “Undo” (Sweden)



Verdict: Sanna’ll make the finals relatively easily. If she stabilizes that one word, she will be a major threat. She should make top ten, even make a good push for five. As it stands she’s hovering around the three spot in my book.

4TH PLACE – Aram MP3 – “Not Alone” (Armenia)




Verdict: Since Aram Mp3 has talent, he’ll make the finals relatively easily. I don’t think he’ll win in the finals, but I have a feeling he’ll pop relatively high. He may make top ten, even

5TH PLACE – Andras Kallay-Saunders – “Running” (Hungary)


Verdict: He’s in the finals, guaranteed. If Kállay-Saunders can pull this off live, and they keep the DnB beats on it, then he’s got a real good shot to bring Budapest a show. This is probably going to end up being my either number one or number two pick right here especially since this was my personal pick when the songs were just starting to get released.


Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Selection Show

Over the last 37 days, I have broken down each Eurovsion entry and have given general impressions of how each will do. Today, we get specific as I break down my number one, two, three spot and Dark Horse picks.. The winner needs no explanation, of course. The Number two pick is my second choice. It does not necessarily mean that it is a second place song, it could even be up for the win. Lastly, the Dark Horse pick is the track that has no chance in Hell at winning, but I really like it, and hope it wins. More often than not, it’s a cheesy as hell song. Sometimes it’s just a track that’s real good, but not what people are listening to at the moment. So without further ado, here are my picks for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

WINNER: Hungary András Kállay-Saunders – “Running”

This track has it all: great vocals, meaningful lyrics, kickass DnB beat, this is prime for club play and radio play. Easily my favorite in the field.

NUMBER 2 PICK: Sweden Sanna Nielsen – “Undo”

This track is just what I would have assumed if I were looking for some future sounding pop ballad.

THREE SPOT: F.Y.E. Macedonia Tijana – “To the Sky”


The only reason why this track is at the three spot is because I don’t think Macedonia has the cash to host. All things considered, I would have to put this in a tie with Sweden.

DARK HORSE: San Marino Valentina Monetta – “Maybe (Forse)”

I’m not sure what it is about this song, but something tell me this track will surprise people….if Ms. Monetta would kindly please not eff it up.




Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Hungary


Welcome to part 16 of our 39 part run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Today’s edition is brought to us via Budapest by way of the Big Apple. Will this American connection give András Kállay-Saunders a greater chance of European success? Let’s find out!

Artist: András Kállay-Saunders

Song: “Running”

Analysis: I was all set to pan this for being another depressing ballad, but then he hit the drop and turned it into a very well done pop DnB/garage track. The official video is kind of disturbing (if I got the message, about spousal and child abuse from a child’s perspective), but he absolutely murked this live. This dude can sing. Sing in the actual sense, and sing in the popstar sense of the word. Think Bruno Mars and JT, with maybe a hint of Lenny Kravitz. My one issue is that, at times, he does not sound confident while singing. This could be the reason why holds the word ‘crazy’ a beat longer than he should, and the word ‘life’ a beat shorter. It may also explains his lack of punch on the first note of the second half of the chorus, but even then I don’t think those are fatal hits.

Verdict: He’s in the finals, guaranteed. If Kállay-Saunders can pull this off live, and they keep the DnB beats on it, then he’s got a real good shot to bring Budapest a show. This is probably going to end up being my either number one or number two pick right here especially since this was my personal pick when the songs were just starting to get released.

Backtrax: Biorhythm Mix 9-9-9 Mix – Winter 2012

svd dfalls owlle

We continue the birthday series with today’s Backtrax, which takes us to the winter of 2012 and into the throes of work related depression and stress. I mean seriously, this is the follow up list to the FDNDA Mix, you expected hearts and flowers? Anyways, here’s is the 9-9-9 Mix!

Name Game: The credit for this name is completely due (as Rachel Maddow calls him) the Herman Cain Art Project. During the 2012 elections, Herman Cain was getting pressed for details on his tax plan, the infamous 9-9-9 Plan, which made no sense and was savagely ripped apart. It was made funnier once he began answers on economics by simply saying 9-9-9. It also just happens that 9+9+9=27. This almost became the Galaxy Express 999 mix, but that movie depressed the crap out of me when I was younger, so I opted not to watch it again.

Temporality: Early morning/night. Let’s face it, none of these songs really should be played in the light of day. It’s a downer list. It’s a survival list.

Notable Tracks:

Glee Cast feat. Olivia Newton-John – “Physical”: The only reasons why this track even made it to a playlist are because a) this is pop-electro done right and b) the entire cast is far the hell away from this, it’s just Jane Lynch and Olivia Newton-John. Full disclosure: I FUCKING HATE GLEE!

Example – “Stay Awake (Radio Edit)”: If done right, Europeans rapping over the top of electronic tracks can sound awesome. “Written in the Stars (Super Red Berry Remix)” is a great example of this from Jason Born. What sold me on that, is the same thing that sold me on this, the track itself. These synths here are absolutely gorgeous. I’m a big a fan of the chord progression, and unlike other songs in this genre (I’m looking at every song you ripped off of a legit trance/house producer, Pitbull), I actually care about the lyrics

Darkness Falls – “The Void”: I’m a sucker for female vocalists who an harmonize in a melodic track, but when you have more than one woman singing in harmony on a track that features some very weird sounds thrown in just because, then you have something special. Yes, it’s a downer song, but the melody, especially in the harpsichord bridge makes this okay.


  1. Glee Cast feat. Olivia Newton-John – “Physical”
  2. Owlle – “Free (Parisien Mix)
  3. Birkii – “Holy War”
  4. Wolfpack Beartrack – “Modern Realm”
  5. Exotica – “Spectrum (Radio Edit)”
  6. LA – “Zephyr”
  7. Pyramid – “The Race”
  8. capsule – “Keep Hope Alive” (can’t find a clean rip, start listening at 16:43)
  9. Deppstar – “Teardrop (Deppstar Extended Mix)”
  10. Parker & Hanson – “Afterthought (Heatbeat 6.0 Remix)”
  11. Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Johan Malmgren 2012 Bootleg)”
  12. Coldplay – “Paradise (Tiesto Remix)”
  13. Example – “Stay Awake (Radio Edit)”
  14. Kele vs. Sander van Doorn feat. Lucy Taylor – “What Did I Do Wrong (Radio Edit)”
  15. Kaskade feat. Rebecca & Fiona – “Turn It Down (Radio Edit)”
  16. Aboutblank & KLC feat. DJ Bo – “Gaensehaut (Im 7 Himmel) (Video Edit)”
  17. Jean Jacques Smoothie – “2People (2011 Rework Dcup Remix)”
  18. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – “Record Collection 2012 (Plastic Plates Remix)”
  19. Darkness Falls – “The Void”
  20. New Navy – “Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)”
  21. Zwicker – “Who You Are (Wood Version)”
  22. Essay – “Morning Mountain”

Happy Listening!

Backtrax: Biorhythm Mix Mk. 26 Mix – Winter 2011

haleyg empire-of-the-sun lisam afrojack dj-tiesto-fun-club8 kaskade

Continuing the run up to my birthday, today’s Backtrax takes us back to the winter of 2011 and to my first foray into the professional job market. The Mk.26 mix is a go!

Name Game: I more or less “finished” a novel I was writing near abouts this time, and when I saved different drafts of it, I used the British mark system. 26th birthday became mk. 26.

Temporality: Evening. Coming home at dusk, the downtempo/”fashion house” tracks got me through the busy-ness of Cleveland traffic, the indie through the boringness of what I called “no man’s land” between I-480 and Macedonia, and the DnB and speed for the run down 8.

Notable Tracks (omitting Late Night Alumni and Munk, as they are the shit and have been featured in every playlist known to mankind…):

Inspiro & Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”: Imagine some hoity-toity fashion show, with people who have more money than God, right? Twiggy supermodels with no curves, $15,000 bottles of champagne, blow on the backs of gold gilt toilets, and of course, every photog in the known universe. Put a model on the catwalk and send her on her way. Now, give her some music to walk to. This would totally be playing in your head, especially for Paris or London Fashion weeks. The lyrics are in Portuguese or Spanish, neither language do I understand or care about for this song, but the chorus , bridge and the end solos are what give this tract that trashy high street fashion vibe.

Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project DnB Remixx)”: Shortly before my birthday, I went to Akron’s only EDM night and it was a bunch of down guys spinning some DnB. I had briefly been with some DnB in high school, but didn’t really appreciate it. This track was spun that night, and I well and truly got it quick. It was only well after the fact that this is a remix of a track from Mirrors’s Edge


  1. Donati feat. Clau Leoporace – “Bossa Na Hora”
  2. Smacs & Patrick Kong feat. Louie Austen – “Coconut Girl (Radio Edit)”
  3. Inspiro & Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”
  4. Balage feat. Louis Hale – “How Did We Get to Here (Richard Earnshaw Mix)”
  5. Munk – “A Bored Heart”
  6. Munk – “Keep My Secret”
  7. Late Night Alumni – “It’s Not Happening”
  8. Late Night Alumni – “Angels and Angles”
  9. Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project DnB Remixx)
  10. Blue Motion feat. Wreckage Machine – “Dream On”
  11. Jasper Forks – “Alone (Sunrider Remix)”
  12. Afrojack feat. Eva Simons – “Take Over Control (Ian Carey Remix)”
  13. David Tort & Thomas Gold – “Areena (Dirty South Remix)”
  14. Adam K & Naan – “Wake Up (Club Mix)”
  15. Kaskade & Tiesto feat. Haley – “Only You (Manufactured Superstars and Jquintel Remix)”
  16. Kaskade & Tiesto feat. Haley – “Only You (Ken Loi Remix)”
  17. Restless & Volatile feat. Siobhan – “Searching (Greg Myers Remix)”
  18. Deux – “Sun Rising Up (Vocal Mix)”
  19. Empire of the Sun – “We Are the People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix – UK Edit)”
  20. Hideo Kobayashi feat. Lisa Shaw – “Fearless (Original Mix)”
  21. El-B feat. Nat Mor – “I Feel (Original Mix)”
  22. Jenn Mierau – “Hum (Hollis P. Monroe Mix)”

Happy Listening!

Backtrax: Icebound Mix – Winter 2011

aruna cake alfa robyn NadiaAliFinePrint400 lna-all.large

Today’s Backtrax takes us back to the winter of 2011, shortly before I got my first professional office job to use my major. In fact, shortly after I dropped this mix, I got a Zune (which unfortunately just didn’t work) and this was the first playlist on it. Also, it draws parallels to this winter, because it just wouldn’t freaking end!

Enough talk, time for the music, here’s the Icebound Mix!

Name Game:  Much like this winter, once the snow came, it just wouldn’t end. In fact, this is the last playlist in the (newly coined) Snowy trilogy, following the Snowflake and Lake Effect mixes. Once the snow sticks around for awhile it becomes ice, and then it just doesn’t leave until spring.

Temporality: Afternoon/evening is the best, but it can be stretched into morning if you time it right. It’s designed to be steady in daylight, speed up in the evening and if you’re drinking, give you club tempos at night, which then leads to the chilldown at the end.

Notable Tracks:

Alfa Rococo – “Météore” – This a great French indie song that I heard the live version of on shortwave radio (yeah, I said , and you heard, it right. SHortwave radio.). It sounds just pretentious enough to be French, but not so much so that I hate the song. I particularly love the lyrics of the chorus (Je me fabrique des ailes [I’ll make myself some wings]/et je déchierai le ciel [and I’ll rip{down}/destroy the sky]/Quitte à me brûler le corps [even if my body burns]/La vie comme un météore [Life’s like a meteor]), and the guitar seems to swing along with it. You’ll have to hear the song to hear what I mean by that one.

Late Night Alumni – “It’s Not Happening”
Late Night Alumni – “Angels and Angles”: I’ve been listening to Late Night Alumni for quite some time, and of all the tracks they have ever created, these two somgs are my number three, and number one favorite songs, respectively. “It’s Not Happening’ is a quirky little number on Haunted given the rest of the tracks sound more moody and angsty like “Angels and Angles”. Speaking of, Everything about this song just goes. The guitar track itself is moody but busy. The semi DnB line brings the energy. Becky Jean Williams is certainly one of my favorite female vocalists of all time (her, Aruna, Nadia Ali [both of whom are on this playlist], Kathryn DeBoer, Origa, Sarah Cracknell, Lisa Shaw and that’s about it off hand), and she plays the duet with whoever the guy on the track is perfectly. I can keep going, but my description will never do it justice.


  1. Cake – “Long Time”
  2. Donati feat. Clau Leporace – “Bossa Na Hora Donati”
  3. Smacs and Patrick Kong feat. Louie Austen – “Coconut Girl (Radio Edit)”
  4. Inspiro and Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”
  5. Alfa Rococo – “Météore”
  6. Munk – “A Bored Heart”
  7. Munk – “Keep My Secret”
  8. Late Night Alumni – “It’s Not Happening”
  9. Late Night Alumni – “Angels and Angles”
  10. Robyn – “Dancing On My Own”
  11. Restless & Volatile feat. Siobhan – “Searching (Greg Myers Remix)”
  12. Nadia Ali – “Rapture (Tristan Garner Remix)”
  13. Lange – “Sci-Fi Hero (Extended Mix)”
  14. David Tort & Thomas Gold feat. David Gausa “Areena (Dirty South Mix)”
  15. Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project Remix)”
  16. Blue Motion – “Dream On”
  17. Shogun feat. Emma Lock – “Imprisoned (Original Mix)”
  18. Colonial One feat. Isa Bell – “Always On My Mind (Cordonnier Remix)”
  19. Sylvia Tosun – “Above All (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Club Mix)”
  20. Mike Shiver & Aruna – “Everywhere You Are (Original Mix)”
  21. Adam K & Naan – “Wake Up (Club Mix)”
  22. Jenn Mierau – “Hum (Hollis P. Monroe Remix)”
  23. El-B feat. Nat-Mor – “I Feel (Original Mix)”
  24. Rasmus Faber feat. Dyanna Fearon – “Everytime We”

Happy Listening!

Backtrax: Decompression Mix – Winter 2013

160_Megan-Washington 1604858_10151905098762963_680163339_n mark-de-clive-lowe-mdcl-keyboard-thumb-473xauto-8973-160x160 extra_large_thumb 373018_345102172184801_2040897132_n Screen-shot-2012-06-18-at-5.20.00-PM1-160x160

We’ve got more music and more time to listen to that music, so pull up a chair and prepare to to bliss out! Today we have a lovely Backtrax to the sounds of Winter 2013! We are slowly building towards that magical Friday drop day of yet another new playlist, and starting next week, a count of all the playlists created for my birthday, leading up to the dropping of another brand spanking new playlist (which should catch me up to current, temporally speaking)

Enough talking, let’s get this party started!

Name Game: While I was working my translator job at the insurance administrator, I was under a whole lot of stress. This mix got me through as I drove home on the cold winter nights in fine fashion

Temporality: Evening/night. Picture yourself driving down a freeway, not quite in the city, not quite in the country. It’s mid-winter, 7:30 pm This is one of those smooth soulful house and downtempo DnB mixes that just picks you up and takes you where you need to go. 

Notable Tracks:

Mark de Clive-Lowe – “The Why”: There’s not much vocals on this track in terms of lyrics, but we really don’t need them. The backing band/loop is the story here. It is so rich and luxurious, yet simple for a loop. You can imagine yourself trying to make a play on a sophisticated hottie with this track (especially in the last two minutes)

Skeletons feat. Alice Russell – “Adam and Eve”: I’ve heard Alice Russell on many different tracks, but this is my favorite. Straight up big band horns backing up one hell of a soulful voice. And yes, the song is about getting it on.

Wildcookie – “Heroine”: Before I get jumped up and down on for the timing of this post (RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman), 1) listen to the song [because it is about jazz music, and yes, it’s true) 2) listen to the music (because it’s fricking LOVELY.) 3) Listen to the loop starting at 2:30.

Frederic Harrison feat Vicky Harrison – “Walk the Distance”: I’ve never heard of Vicky Harrison, but my eyes are open now. For downtempo DnB, this track is melodic, and the Amen is broken down quite nicely. It seems as if it’s stalled out, only to bring you back with speed for the next bar. Very clever, very mathematical.


  1. Nostalgia 77 – “Sleepwalkers (Ambassadeurs Remix)”
  2. Belleruche – “Wasted Time”
  3. Mark de Clive-Lowe – “The Why”
  4. Anchorsong – “Darkrum”
  5. Skeletons feat. Alice Russell – “Adam and Eve”
  6. The Bamboos feat. Megan Washington – “The Wilhelm Scream”
  7. Wildcookie – “Heroine”
  8. Yannah Valdevit – “Gotta Keep Me Goin'”
  9. Kylie Auldist – “Changes (Lanu Extended Remix)”
  10. Nostalgia 77 – “Sleepwalkers (Lanu Remix)”
  11. Fred V & Grafix – “Major Happy”
  12. Madeon – “Finale (Netsky Remix)”
  13. Lung – “Rollerball”
  14. Frederic Harrison feat Vicky Harrison – “Walk the Distance”
  15. High Contrast feat. Selah Corbin – “Wish You Were Here (S.P.Y. Remix)”
  16. Galimatias – “Noelles Eloquence (S.I.N. Remix)
  17. Deep Tunes – “Inbros (Original Mix)
  18. Deep Phunk System – “Woman Daze (Chillhouse Groovers Mix)”
  19. Timmy Regisford – “Far Away”

Happy Listening!