Earwormed – “Theme from Talamanca (Superfunk Summer Super Mix)”


The Earworm: Rhythm Junkees – “Theme from Talamanca (Superfunk Summer Super Mix)”

How I Got Earwormed: I was at a DnB show, kind of blurry, and when I get messed up enough, I think I have ideas about tracks I could produce, if I had the kind of money for the gear that would be necessary. One of those melodies sounded close enough to this track that I earwormed myself.

Why Is This a Good Earworm?: Let’s be clear about this first point: the song is exactly TWO LOOPS long, so if you’re not a fan of loops, this is not your speed. The two loops are phenomenal! Okay, one of them is. The warmup with the calypso percussion, not so much. The main hook (ie loop 2) is basically Ibiza, Rio (for that smooth smooth nu bossa hit) and pick your favorite city for house (Chicago/San Fran/London for me!) with a taste of The Bucketheds rolled into one. I like deconstructing the tracks in my head, so I jumped between the horns, the strings, and the bass line for a good half an hour. Hell, I’ve listened to this song I believe six times now while writing this post even…


Earwormed – “Invincible (Original Mix)”

jmich Borgeous

The Earworm: Borgeous – “Invincible”

How I Got Earwormed: The hook. The HOOK. My God, the hook. For a hot second, it’s just a hook, you know? And not even that “good” of one. It’s a series of the same eighth and sixteenth notes with a few offbeats thrown in there to make it sound like it’s skipping along…until the end of the phrase. The breakdown at the end is simple, but it’s a perfect setup for another iteration of the hook. Now add a synth line that’s one step off from overpowering, and the vocals of Julia Michaels, and you have all the makings of a prog house earworm.

Earwormed – “Eddie’s Teddy” and “Planet, Schmanet, Janet”

The Earworm: Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Eddie’s Teddy” and “Planet, Schmanet, Janet”

(sorry about the quality. I wanted something with the calls, and without other people singing on top of Tim Curry)

How I Got Earwormed: I think this one was a deeply planted, subliminal earworm. It started back in January when I went to Ohayocon. While in the smoker’s alley, I was drinking with a guy who had cos’ed as Eddie, and I was one of the few who got it from the start. At that point, we made the obligatory “Hot Patootie” joke, and moved on. For the last couple of days, I’ve had the last chorus of “Eddie’s Teddy”, and the last verse of “Planet, Schmanet, Janet” (which I’ve learned is not on any of the soundtracks) stuck in my head. The odd thing is when I think of the part where the Criminologist breaks in just before Janet screams “No!”, I fill in with the call from the live show “For the first time in her life”

Earwormed – Save the World (OneSaneMan Edit)

The Earworm: Mick Lion – “Save the World (OneSaneMan Edit)”

How I Got Earwormed: The song itself, by virtue of it even existing, is an earworm. When I first heard the song two years ago, it got me. In this case, just hearing the opening (without even hearing the earworm part itself) triggered the worm. The actual worm itself is also the main (and only) hook of the track. It’s a simple synth pattern with a vocalization on top of it. It’s repetitive as hell, but catchy as hell to boot.


Earwormed – Can’t Touch Me

The Earworm: Peter Griffin – “Can’t Touch Me”

How I Got Earwormed: So I was reading one of the books in W.E.B Griffin’s Presidential Agent series, and there’s frequent mentions of diplomatic immunity. One of the things I wish I could do before I die is to be able to get into some (very minor) legal trouble and say, “Hey, I got two words for you: diplomatic immunity motherfucker!” And then I remembered that they did that in Family Guy in a song, but the only part that I could remember, and got earwormed was “Do the Peter Griffin bump!”

Earwormed: Slazy

So I had the idea a while ago to open up a new section for songs that I get stuck in my head for no particular reason. The proper name for that is an “earworm”. Their word, not mine. I’d have used something that didn’t remind me so much of Khan earworming Terrell and Chekov in the ORIGINAL Star Trek 2 (TWOK), but I digress. So what song do I have stuck in my head?

The Earworm: Slazy – “Hollywood (Club Mix)”

How I Got Earwormed: I was previewing tracks from this month’s Promo Only batch to be added to the Beta, and this track was in the batch. At first I thought it was some bro house garbage (see David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Pitbull etc), but then the 80s track cut in and I was like, “hold tight, I know this track. What the hell is this?” And then a second later, I was like “Oh shit, that’s Magnum P.I.!  Oh no they didn’t just drop that in the track!” But you know what? It works! How well, I’m not sure, all I know is that the Magnum theme is the part that got earwormed.