The art of escaping real life

These are the most baller ZAFT uniforms I’ve seen

CNN Photos

French photographer Denis Rouvre was in Japan documenting the survivors of the March 2011 tsunami when he discovered the colorful community that would inspire his “Cosplay” project.

Cosplay is the art of costuming in the style of characters from movies, comic books, manga and video games. But Rouvre had a different perspective on the people behind the elaborate costumes.

“I was immediately intrigued by their dual, split personality, this way of taking cover and living in a virtual world and making it so real,” he said. “In this work ‘Cosplay,’ it is almost the anti-hero notion that is my point of interest. They live in a virtual world as if to reach a meaning of their life.”

He wanted to capture the characters they represented, allowing the cosplayers to control their poses and style. Although very open to being photographed, the real people behind the characters didn’t want to provide…

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