Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – UK

Molly Children Of The Universe United Kingdom

Holy crap, this is it! This is the last part, part 37 (THIRTY-SEVEN!) of our 37 part breakdown of the Eurovison Song Contest. With the Contest starting on Tuesday, we are closing rapidly on when I post my official picks on Monday, but in order to get there, we hve one last piece of business to complete, and to do it, we will have to take a short hop to London to take in some Molly.

Artist: Molly

Song: “Children of the Universe”

Analysis: She’s a decent singer, but the song is just this side of vanilla of being interesting. It’s not bad, but it’s not memorable either, though the song, I think is trying to actually make a point. And what the hell is with the “Power to the people” line? What’s she trying to do, start a proletariat revolt?

Verdict: You know, I don’t know. You see, in the wake of Emmelie de Forrest’s win, it is entirely possible that the industry judges would want to sound like someone put a basic beat on Florence Welch. In that case, could Molly be a dark horse? Maybe? I feel no, but some kind of better’s instinct is saying yes. If yes, then well done UK, you will have avenged yourselves of the horror that was Scooch. I have a hunch that it will sound more electronic since now everyone is trying to ride that (and I get to gloat even more), and I’m hoping a bit more quality too. If no, then middle of the pack almost certainly.


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