Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Italy


Welcome to part 35 of the 37 part breakdown of this years Eurovision Song Contest. We continue the looks at the Big Five today with the video that I started the whole handicapping enterprise with. Fresh from the streetrs of Rome, let’s see what we have from the lovely Emma Marone!

Artist: Emma Marrone

Song: “La ma città”

Analysis: For a straight rocks song, it’s not that bad. Marone has a decent range, and when she’s not shouting the words out instead of singing them, she’s a decent singer. The lyrics (that I translated) are your standard early 2000s Avril Lavigne/P!nk rebel chick singer lyrics, nothing too beyond the pale. All around, it’s a standard pop song.

Verdict: When I saw the video for this song when I wrote the draft for this post in early March, I thought this was an early lock. I watched her live at the Germany song selection webcast, and I don’t believe she’s a lock anymore. The live performance was pretty good, but I think other countries have surpassed her. I think she’ll make a run for top ten, but she may not get there.


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