Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – France


Welcome to part 33 of the 37 part breakdown of this years Eurovision Song Contest. Today we take a look at our first Big Five contender. Straight from the les rues de Paris, let’s take a look at France’s…quirky entry from Twin Twin!

Artist: Twin Twin

Song: “Moustache”

Analysis: The problem that France has had since I started following the ESC is that their entries can’t be taken seriously. I loved Les Fatal Picards in 2007 because their track was credible AND good. As much as I like Sébastien Tellier, I couldn’t take him seriously in 2008, even though his song was pretty good. Ever since then, it’s been a mélange of phoning it in and absolute crap. Twin Twin is a definite upgrade from that disaster known as Jessy Matador, but alas, I can’t take them seriously. This Bob Sinclar “Love Generation”/”World Hold On” style beat is the only thing giving Twin Twin any shot. Vocals are crappy, don’t really mean anything. It’s just……

Verdict: I don’t see these guys winning, but at the same time, if everyone collectively ate some good drugs, I can see them making a push. If they win, my faith in the European music community will be shaken to the core.


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