Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Romania


Welcome to part 31 of our 37 part run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Today’s edition is special because it marks the last entry of the semis! Next week will be all Big five, and then Monday, May 5, I’ll post my picks. The country that gets the honor of being the last is… Romania!

Artist: Paula Seling & Ovi

Song: “Miracle”

Analysis: If I can count on the Romanians for one thing, it’s to come up with some kind of techno track, or a gimmicky song that has no chance in hell at winning for one reason or another. Vocals are decent for what it is, whoever came up with the track should probably enter this themselves

Verdict: I could totally work with this track, but I don’t think it’ll win only because I HIGHLY doubt Paula could pull off that hella long note through three or four octaves live. If she can and does, then this would be a dark horse, if not the dark horse choice.


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