Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Slovenia


Welcome to part 30 of our 37 part run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Tomorrow is the last entry in the semis (Whoo!) but today, we take a penultimate pause in Ljubljana to give Tinkara Kovač a shot to impress the oddsmakers

Artist: Tinkara Kovač

Song: “Round and Round”

Analysis: Wow, she’s a flautist, nice touch. Kovač is a good singer with a small range.  She’s a bit of a looker, so that I’m sure will work in her favor too. The song is poppy, but it works. It’s overall a good entry

Verdict: This song is surprisingly catchy. So much so that it automatically qualifies for dark horse contention. This song has a good shot at winning if she can keep it simple but add a spike of energy to it. It would likely be in the top half of the finals. I can even see it being top ten, but I’m not sure it will go down that way.


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