Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Greece


Welcome to part 29 (God, are we really only at 29?) of our 39 part run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s been eight years since Athens last had their season in the sun. It will take a lot of Greece’s entry’s namesake, Freaky Fortune, to deliver them a show. Let’s see what they’ve got:

Artist: Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd

Song: “Get Up”

Analysis: This is so much Pitbull laziness that it is kind of ridiculous.The lyrics are weak, the vocals are decent, and the track is probably the most phoned in that I have heard at Eurovision in a while. The performance itself is a little boring, and these guys look pretty damn douchey, so all things considered, it’s a perfect cloying pop track.

Verdict: This track has a pretty good shot at making the finals, but once there, it doesn’t go far. I don’t think they’ll get eviscerated, but they surely have no shot at winning this thing.


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