Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Poland


Welcome to part 21 of our 39 part run up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Today’s edition features probably one of the most…unique sounds coming out of the ESC. Fresh from Warsaw, Donatan & Cleo!

Artist: Donatan & Cleo

Song:  “My Słowianie – We Are Slavic”

Analysis: It took me about a full minute before it clicked it, but I finally get it. This chick is the Polish native version of MIA, or more specifically, this is kind of like the Polish native equivalent to “Paper Planes”. That is, female rapper, dub/electro beat, native instruments/feel.. Is this as good as “Paper Planes”? Hell no, but it is interesting…for at least ninety seconds. The vocals are kind of thrown at you, the beat’s okay, but there’s just nothing special here.

Verdict: You know, I’m not quite sure about this one. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because I haven’t heard the rest of the offerings (or haven’t made their draft pages) yet and say they’ll clear the semis (barely), but there’s no way in hell they get into the top half of the finals.


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