Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Israel


Shalom! Part 18 of our 39 part run up to the start of the Eurovision Song Contest takes us to way too sunny Jerusalem as we break down Mei Finegold’s chances to bring the Contest home for Israel.

Artist: Mei Finegold

Song: “Same Heart”

Analysis: As with many other entries, no live video of this song exists. That is a bad sign. I was willing to give the vocals the benefit of the doubt (because the trance track by itself is pretty badass, as is the video), but we hit the chorus and I’m done. Does the track have a chance? Yes, on the strength of the track itself, but do I have doubts Mei Finegold can sing this live? Yes, and I don’t like the sound either. The vocals should be at least half an octave higher for what she’s trying to pull off. If you’re going to channel P!nk, you better have her range too, because it sounds like Finegold is struggling to save her voice to break into that second octave on big notes, and that key change near the end was barely noticeable until that slide down that just sounds awkward.

Verdict: It will be a halfway miracle if she gets in, but even if she does, she will be near the bottom. Politics aside, the song and vocals aren’t that strong, the only real good thing about this is the trance track in the back.


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