Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Montenegro


Today, we continue our 39 part breakdown of this year’s entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.  Part 15 takes us to the mean streets of Podgorica. Sergej Ćetković certainly has all the makings of a pop star (by Montenegrin standards, at least), but can he win at the Eurovision game? Let’s see!

Artist: Sergej Ćetković

Track: “Moj svijet”

Analysis: Sergej Ćetković sounds like a pretty good singer. I have no earthly clue what in the hell he’s saying, but this track could make a run as is. The primary knock is that, like many others, no live version of him singing. The official video is kind of depressing, yet inspiring, if not a little creepy.

Verdict: I see Sergej here making a run out of the semis, but where he ends up after is going to be interesting. Folk can work (like the reigning champ, Emmelie de Forest, though full disclosure, I hate that song), but only with a pop hook that he doesn’t have. Depressing can work (Marija Serfovic) but only if you have one hell of a voice. For Ćetković to win it, he’s gonna have to sell it like he’s never sold it before live, and he’s gonna have to spice it up a bit. Maybe kill some of the native instruments, I don’t know. Right now, he’s making a case for top ten, but he’s still on the outside looking in.


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