Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – San Marino


Part 12 of our 39 part run up to the start of the Eurovision Song Contest makes a stopover to San Marino, San Marino. Valentina Monetta is trying to see if the third time is the charm for Eurovision success. Let’s look at her chances

Artist: Valentina Monetta

Song: “Maybe (Forse)”

Analysis: Let’s start with the major red flags: no live version of this song. Add that to the fact that she’s a back to back loser, and it doesn’t look good. On the other hand, it appears that Monetta has come up in the world. Instead of singing about Facebook (and being ridiculous about it to boot), it appears she’s singing her own songs. That fact alone is a big upgrade. In doing so, she’s put together a song that isn’t annoying or cloying. In fact, in the right circumstances, it would make a pretty interesting Bond song because it sounds pretty damn close as it is. She has a pretty damn good, almost great, voice, and she has good command of her range. All of the notes that she needed to hit she does.

Verdict: I’m cautiously optimistic here. She has a really good voice…in the video. She may be one of the better vocalists I’ve heard or reviewed thus far…in the video. The song is pretty good too. If she can deliver this song live, then all hell will start breaking loose, because this song kind of grows on you. This could become a good dark horse song that looks like it has no shot, but then snipes the crap out of people. You may want to keep an eye out for this one…


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