Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Belgium


Part 10 of our 39 part run up to the start of the Eurovision Song Contest takes us to Brussels where Axel Hirsoux is looking to turn his defeat on the Belgian version of The Voice: into sweet Eurovision victory.

Artist: Axel Hirsoux

Song: “Mother”

Analysis: All obvious jokes aside, this dude can sing. It is (yet another) slow, depressing song, even though it is an ode to his mother. This is not my cup of tea, and ironically the last few artists that have tried semi-operatic songs that I have liked, they have failed miserably even though they killed it. (Yes, those artists were better vocalists than Axel here, but not by too terribly much). Other than that, he does what he does best, doesn’t try to get fancy with it, just delivers.

Verdict: I’m of mixed mind here. When I first listened to this, I basically laughed it out of the semis. On second listen, all things being equal, I can make a case for it getting into the finals, but I really don’t see it going too far. It needs more life to it. Plus, if it swings back to a guy being a winner (and we’re “due”) there are better songs out there with equally, if not better, vocalists.


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