Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Azerbaijan


Part 3 of our 39 part run up to the start of the Eurovision Song Contest takes us to Azerbaijan where Ell & Nikki have already brought home the Contest back in 2011. Can Dilara Kazimova do it again in 2014? Let’s take a look and see!

Artist: Dilara Kazimova

Song: “Start a Fire”

Analysis: This is a slow, shockingly not depressing, piano song with Kazimova’s silky vocals all over it. She has a great voice. She’s on key, doesn’t sound a wreck, and is easy on the eyes. I would have liked to see a faster song (and of course one with a vocal house/vocal trance track on the back), but this is well good enough. My only real complaint at this stage is that, like an increasing number of entries, there is no live video of Kazimova singing this song. That worries me. A lot. I have found that a lack of live video means that she may not be able to deliver the goods.

Verdict: Quality alone, I don’t see how she doesn’t make the finals. Depending on if she can deliver live what she’s done on tape, she’s got a good shot at winning. I think politics will hurt her since Baku hosted the Contest in 2011, and because they [allegedly] got caught helping Russia to fix the contest for them last year (though they totally reneged on the alleged deal) but top ten is certainly not out of the question.


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