Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Armenia


Part 2 of our 39 part run up to the start of the Eurovision Song Contest takes us to Armenia to look at Aram Mp3’s chances at bringing the Contest to sunny Yerevan

Artist: Aram Mp3

Song: “Not Alone”

Analysis: When I set up the draft of this post, Aram Mp3 had not announced the track he was using, but even then I decided he was a pretty good singer based on the live performances I saw on Youtube. I’ve seen comparisons with JT (that’s Justin Timberlake for those who fell off the back of a turnip truck), and they aren’t unfounded…

…but then I found the video for the song. Now, first of all, there’s only one video for this song, and it’s the official music video, so no, I do not have him singing *this* song live, which could be a problem. It’s a slow, fairly depressing song, which generally doesn’t work, but for someone with talent, it could work. Aram Mp3 (and what the hell is up with the name?) has the chops to make it work…if it had stayed depressing. Near the end, he takes the song into a hard right turn to wtf…as he proceeds to go dubstep (dare I say grime, even) on the track. Why in God’s name would you do that, son?

Verdict: Since Aram Mp3 has talent, he’ll make the finals relatively easily. I don’t think he’ll win in the finals, but I have a feeling he’ll pop relatively high. He may make top ten, even


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