Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Albania


So to kick off Eurovision prediction season, let’s start at the top of Semi-Final draw 1 and go in order with Albania!
Who: Hersi Matmuja

Song name: “Zemërimi i një nate”

Analysis: Now, I tend to not watch the video when I listen to these tracks, and in this case, I’m glad I did. That’s the only knock I will put on her physically, because she she sings, or emotes while singing, she looks like she’s trying to take a massive dump. The song is depressing. It’s simplistic, formulaic, and exactly what I would expect from a Balkan country.  Unlike Maria Serfovic who won with her goddamn depressing track “Molitva”, Matmuja is not a good enough singer to pull off the depressing. No, of course I couldn’t sing like that (my range is much lower), but I know Albania could have done WAY better.

Verdict: She’ll have a good chance to get into the finals, due to some really crappy songs by other countries, and Russia, which may get politically frozen out this year (I haven’t been able to find a youtube video of their song, and this far out, that could be a sign of things to come.) but I am almost certain (98%) she doesn’t make top five. he gets in by the skin of her teeth, and gets crushed in the finals.


One thought on “Eurovision Song Contest: Copenhagen 2014 – Albania

  1. I thought it started off well but just went nowhere.

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