Earwormed – “Theme from Talamanca (Superfunk Summer Super Mix)”


The Earworm: Rhythm Junkees – “Theme from Talamanca (Superfunk Summer Super Mix)”

How I Got Earwormed: I was at a DnB show, kind of blurry, and when I get messed up enough, I think I have ideas about tracks I could produce, if I had the kind of money for the gear that would be necessary. One of those melodies sounded close enough to this track that I earwormed myself.

Why Is This a Good Earworm?: Let’s be clear about this first point: the song is exactly TWO LOOPS long, so if you’re not a fan of loops, this is not your speed. The two loops are phenomenal! Okay, one of them is. The warmup with the calypso percussion, not so much. The main hook (ie loop 2) is basically Ibiza, Rio (for that smooth smooth nu bossa hit) and pick your favorite city for house (Chicago/San Fran/London for me!) with a taste of The Bucketheds rolled into one. I like deconstructing the tracks in my head, so I jumped between the horns, the strings, and the bass line for a good half an hour. Hell, I’ve listened to this song I believe six times now while writing this post even…


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