Beta: 29 Lines Mix

o2abaandbmat zo

Hello music fans! It’s my birthday and I am still recovering from last night! It’s taken some time, but I’ve decided to man up for a little while before getting on to my family’s birthday dinner and drop this last stop on our tour of birthday mixes. This one is not quite done, but what the hell, a sneak peek is my gift to you guys! Spoilers follow:

Above & Beyond – “Alone Tonight”

Above & Beyond doing an acoustic album. Sounds sacrilegious. I listened to the whole album, and in general, it’s not bad. Given how I love electric versions of all of these tracks, I am a little biased, but after I heard this gem on Group Therapy, I grew to like it even more. Why? Because like they said on the show, it sounds like a James Bond theme. Maybe Broccoli/Eon would turn to a legit EDM artist for their next one, or get Above & Beyond to do it…

Oxygen feat Andrea Britton – “Am I On Your Mind (Flashtech Remix)”:

Andrea Britton has been on my radar since I was a freshman in college (that’s 2003, folks) and she has never really failed to impress me. This new remix of “Am I On Your Mind” reminds me of the progressive trance (back when there was a true difference) that I started listening to, and the trance that seems like is going to drop come the spring. If this is any indication, I can’t wait!

Mat Zo feat. Rachel K. Collier – “Only For You”:

One thing I would intensely enjoy is techno music (EDM, whatever the hell you want to call it) to have the same attitude in its sound like it did in the early to mid 90s when it was considered underground and borderline subversive. The opening synth line hearkens exactly that. The rest of the track sounds like the direct spiritual descendant of Daft Punk’s Discovery. Another fine track form the likes of Mat Zo. Rachel K. Collier is someone I’m just hearing for the first time, and based on this track, I’d like to hear some more. She’s got potential!


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