Backtrax: Lv. 28 Mix – Winter 2013

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Finishing up our tour of birthday remixes going back to 2010, today’s Backtrax takes us to last winter’s mix and to when I turned twenty-eight and started figuring crap out. Presenting the last stop on the tour, the Lv. 28 Mix!

Name Game: I started playing two first person shooter RPGs like it was my job: Mass Effect and Borderlands. I spent most of my time leveling up. It just so happens I attained level 28 on my birthday…

Temporality: Morning. Definitely morning. You can pull off early afternoon, but tihs is definitely a wake up and have a cup of coffee, or a mimosa and get to work mix.

Notable Tracks:

Beat Assailant – “Hard Twelve (The Ante)” and Dynas feat. Wrekonize, LMS and Rich Medina – “90 Degrees”: These are great examples of the last gasp of legitimate hip-hop that I’ve seen that isn’t the glorification of trying to be Jigga, Weezy, or someone else know by a ridiculous shortening of their stage name that ends in a vowel sound. B.A. and Dynas each actually have something to say hat’s substantive and says so without resorting to slapping hoes, or talking about guns. Each of their beats are classic and complicated in a unique way. If you pulled B.A. off the track, you would have no way of knowing that this was a hip-hop track. With Dynas, its a straight beat, but the addition of harmony in the lyrics make the beat more real instead of just this hook you use to get people to listen to the track.

Michiko – “Stuck On You (Lemongrass Samba De Sol Remix)”: This is what you get when you blend downtempo, house, and bossa nova together. Michiko’s vocals are sweet and soulful, the bossa beat makes you want to drink, and the beat drives the song in such a way that it’s almost extraneous, but at the same time you know that if it was much harder, the song wouldn’t be able to keep up.  This is probably my number two favorite track on the list. Rover’s “Silence to Navigate” is my favorite, but that has already been featured on a playlist.


  1. Cocoon – “American Boy”
  2. Beat Assailant – “Hard Twelve (The Ante)”
  3. Dynas feat. Wrekonize, LMS and Rich Medina – “90 Degrees”
  4. Wax Tailor feat. Jennifer Charles – “Heart Stop”
  5. Mariama – “Easy Way Out”
  6. Ami – “Trumpet Lights (Extended Edit)”
  7. Michiko – “Stuck On You (Lemongrass Samba De Sol Remix)”
  8. Severin – “The Edge of a Sunday (Breakbot Remix)”
  9. Late Night Alumni – “Shine”
  10. Funky Engine – “Promised Land”
  11. Highco – “If Only I Could (Club Mix)”
  12. Beat Service feat. Loverush UK and Shelly Harland – “Different World 2013 (Beat Service Edit)”
  13. Cool Project feat. A Girl and a Gun – “Russian Winter (Manteeny Remix)”
  14. Dirty South & Michael Brun – “Rift”
  15. The Hundred in the Hands – “Young Aren’t Young”
  16. Rover – “Silence to Navigate”
  17. Late Night Alumni – “Summer Lies”

Stay tuned for Monday’s debut of the newest birthday mix, 29 Lines Mix!

Happy Listening!


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