Backtrax: Biorhythm Mix Mk. 26 Mix – Winter 2011

haleyg empire-of-the-sun lisam afrojack dj-tiesto-fun-club8 kaskade

Continuing the run up to my birthday, today’s Backtrax takes us back to the winter of 2011 and to my first foray into the professional job market. The Mk.26 mix is a go!

Name Game: I more or less “finished” a novel I was writing near abouts this time, and when I saved different drafts of it, I used the British mark system. 26th birthday became mk. 26.

Temporality: Evening. Coming home at dusk, the downtempo/”fashion house” tracks got me through the busy-ness of Cleveland traffic, the indie through the boringness of what I called “no man’s land” between I-480 and Macedonia, and the DnB and speed for the run down 8.

Notable Tracks (omitting Late Night Alumni and Munk, as they are the shit and have been featured in every playlist known to mankind…):

Inspiro & Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”: Imagine some hoity-toity fashion show, with people who have more money than God, right? Twiggy supermodels with no curves, $15,000 bottles of champagne, blow on the backs of gold gilt toilets, and of course, every photog in the known universe. Put a model on the catwalk and send her on her way. Now, give her some music to walk to. This would totally be playing in your head, especially for Paris or London Fashion weeks. The lyrics are in Portuguese or Spanish, neither language do I understand or care about for this song, but the chorus , bridge and the end solos are what give this tract that trashy high street fashion vibe.

Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project DnB Remixx)”: Shortly before my birthday, I went to Akron’s only EDM night and it was a bunch of down guys spinning some DnB. I had briefly been with some DnB in high school, but didn’t really appreciate it. This track was spun that night, and I well and truly got it quick. It was only well after the fact that this is a remix of a track from Mirrors’s Edge


  1. Donati feat. Clau Leoporace – “Bossa Na Hora”
  2. Smacs & Patrick Kong feat. Louie Austen – “Coconut Girl (Radio Edit)”
  3. Inspiro & Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”
  4. Balage feat. Louis Hale – “How Did We Get to Here (Richard Earnshaw Mix)”
  5. Munk – “A Bored Heart”
  6. Munk – “Keep My Secret”
  7. Late Night Alumni – “It’s Not Happening”
  8. Late Night Alumni – “Angels and Angles”
  9. Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project DnB Remixx)
  10. Blue Motion feat. Wreckage Machine – “Dream On”
  11. Jasper Forks – “Alone (Sunrider Remix)”
  12. Afrojack feat. Eva Simons – “Take Over Control (Ian Carey Remix)”
  13. David Tort & Thomas Gold – “Areena (Dirty South Remix)”
  14. Adam K & Naan – “Wake Up (Club Mix)”
  15. Kaskade & Tiesto feat. Haley – “Only You (Manufactured Superstars and Jquintel Remix)”
  16. Kaskade & Tiesto feat. Haley – “Only You (Ken Loi Remix)”
  17. Restless & Volatile feat. Siobhan – “Searching (Greg Myers Remix)”
  18. Deux – “Sun Rising Up (Vocal Mix)”
  19. Empire of the Sun – “We Are the People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix – UK Edit)”
  20. Hideo Kobayashi feat. Lisa Shaw – “Fearless (Original Mix)”
  21. El-B feat. Nat Mor – “I Feel (Original Mix)”
  22. Jenn Mierau – “Hum (Hollis P. Monroe Mix)”

Happy Listening!


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