Backtrax: Quarter Life Mix – Winter 2010

Shout_Out_Louds  clakefenech-soler-music-160x160Therese

So on Monday, I will be officially staring down the barrel of the big 3-0, so I thought that in honor of my upcoming birthday, I would feature the playlists that I created on or were playing during my previous birthdays.  Today’s Backtrax takes us back to the winter of 2010 and to the youthful days of when I turned twenty-five with the Quarter Life Mix

Name Game: This was the playlist running up to my 25th birthday, so it’s kinda obvious here.

Temporality: Afternoon/evening. This mix is a twofer. Everything is designed to flow together at any point in the afternoon, or if started in the early evening. If you wanted to split it down, everything above (and including) Late Night Alumni is afternoonish, while everything below (and including) is night.

Notable Tracks:

Since La Roux and Two Door Cinema Club have already been featured heavily (see the Census Mix and Miranda’s Riverfront Mix Mk 2), and there’s a host of other great tracks, I will use those.

Shout Out Louds – “Fall Hard (Passion Pit’s Summertime Radio Remix)”: The vocals here are okay for pitch (the words are kind of meh), but why this track is here comes down to one thing: the track itself. This is one of the best late winter/early spring wake up songs ever. The synths bleed out the melody so well that in late spring/early summer, it’s the perfect wake-up-and-wonder-what-am-I-going-to-do song

Elek-Tro Junkies feat. Therese – “Neon Lights (Wideboys Remix)”: One of the lasts gasps of truly good disco house with 70s influences before everything went 80s, Therese’s vocals is what originally pegged me to this song. I figured that if the vocalist on one of my all time favorite tracks ever (Stonebridge’s “Put ‘Em High (Seamus Haji Mix)”) from the possibly the best summer I’ve ever had (2007) was on a track, I had best pay attention. I was compeltely right. The chorus  in the chorus I think may have been a little off, but the way the synths and melody is layered is pure goodness. Bass does its job too.

Chris Lake feat. Nastala – “Give In”: A different look from the masterful Chris Lake, remember what I said about the 70s sound above? This is one of the first good 80s sounds I picked up. Again no surprise to me that Chris Lake is quality. “Carry Me Away” (featuring the talented Emma Hewitt) was the lead in to “Put ‘Em High” on my massive Summer Cocktail Mix.  As always, Chris Lake picks up talented vocalists. Nastala fits this song like a glove, especially when slightly auto-tuned/echoed.


  1. Shout Out Louds – “Fall Hard (Passion Pit’s Summertime Radio Remix)”
  2. Two Door Cinema Club – “Cigarettes in the Theatre”
  3. Two Door Cinema Club – “This Is the Life”
  4. Two Door Cinema Club – “I Can Talk”
  5. Neon Indian – “6669 (I Don’t Know if You Know)”
  6. La Roux – “Quicksand”
  7. La Roux – “Colourless Colour”
  8. La Roux – “As If By Magic”
  9. La Roux – “Reflections Are Protection”
  10. Netsky – “Your Way”
  11. Late Night Alumni – “You Can Be the One”
  12. Elek-Tro Junkies feat. Therese – “Neon Lights (Wideboys Remix)”
  13. Florence + The Machine – “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Switch Remix)”
  14. Little Boots – “Earthquake (Clap Mike Amour Remix)”
  15. Alexandra Prince – “Rising High”
  16. Fenech-Soler – “Lies (Alex Metric Remix)”
  17. Adrian Lux – “Teenage Crime (Radio Edit)”
  18. Muse – “Undisclosed Desires (Thin White Duke Remix)”
  19. Chris Lake feat. Nastala – “Give In”
  20. Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead”
  21. Friendly Fires – “Skeleton Boy (7″ Single)”
  22. Chromeo – “Night By Night”
  23. Electric Valentine – “Body to Body”
  24. Henning Richter – “Drop Zone (Original Mix)”
  25. Lauren Flax feat. Sia – “You’ve Changed (Original Extended Mix)”
  26. Tiga – “Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore”
  27. La Roux – “In For the Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)”

Happy Listening!


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