Now Playing: Biorhythm Mix (Polar Vortex Mix Part 1)

vanessa-daou-140440-light-sweet-crude-act-1-hybrid eir aoi warpaint

So I went out out of order and posted the Polar Vortex Mix Part 2, so let’s take a moment and give you a taste of the prequel, the Polar Vortex Part 1.


Name Game: Simple enough, this was made during the first blast of insanely cold arctic air, the polar vortex. It’s fricking cold, with air temperatures that will freeze your drink, and wind chills that would crack a grown man’s spine.

Temporality: Morning. There’s just enough indie angst to offset the “I don’t wanna get up and go to work” feeling you may be in.

Notable Tracks (these were featured in earlier posts, because I went out of order): 

Eir Aoi – “Sanbika”

This is an insert song from the anime Kill La Kill. It’s made by the same guys who brought us Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann so a) watch this, watch this now and b) it’s awesome, which means the music is awesome too. The main themes are cool, but the way this is used in episode 3 is just…well see for yourself. Awesomeness starts 24 seconds in and doesn’t end until the clip does.

Warpaint – “Love Is to Die” and “Keep It Healthy”:  I don’t know what it is about winter…yes I do, seasonal affection disorder, but seriously, these two songs were made for waking up at oh dark thirty on a winter morning, and driving to work before dawn has broken. The last minute or so of “Love Is to Die” is just heavenly, with the bass line doing all the work behind the scenes, while the opening riffs and rolling percussion off beats of “Keep It Healthy” just keep you going, floating on some kind of semi-etheral device (not a cloud, a device of some kind)


  1. Eir Aoi – “Sanbika”
  2. Warpaint – “Keep It Healthy”
  3. Warpaint – “Love Is to Die”
  4. Sky Spirit feat. Marga Sol – “Edge of the Horizon”
  5. Vanessa Daou – “Touble Comes”
  6. Vanessa Daou – “Love Is War”
  7. Eskadet – “Desire:
  8. Placid Larry – “Backwash”
  9. Hiroyuki Sawano  – “InuKa3L (犬Kあ3L)”
  10. York – “Farewell to the Moon (Alexander Popov Remix)”
  11. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight feat Katty Heath – “Stole the Sun (Allen & Envy Remix)”
  12. Kyau & Albert – “Do You Still Know? (Joseph Areas Dirty Rock Mix)”



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