Backtrax: Icebound Mix – Winter 2011

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Today’s Backtrax takes us back to the winter of 2011, shortly before I got my first professional office job to use my major. In fact, shortly after I dropped this mix, I got a Zune (which unfortunately just didn’t work) and this was the first playlist on it. Also, it draws parallels to this winter, because it just wouldn’t freaking end!

Enough talk, time for the music, here’s the Icebound Mix!

Name Game:  Much like this winter, once the snow came, it just wouldn’t end. In fact, this is the last playlist in the (newly coined) Snowy trilogy, following the Snowflake and Lake Effect mixes. Once the snow sticks around for awhile it becomes ice, and then it just doesn’t leave until spring.

Temporality: Afternoon/evening is the best, but it can be stretched into morning if you time it right. It’s designed to be steady in daylight, speed up in the evening and if you’re drinking, give you club tempos at night, which then leads to the chilldown at the end.

Notable Tracks:

Alfa Rococo – “Météore” – This a great French indie song that I heard the live version of on shortwave radio (yeah, I said , and you heard, it right. SHortwave radio.). It sounds just pretentious enough to be French, but not so much so that I hate the song. I particularly love the lyrics of the chorus (Je me fabrique des ailes [I’ll make myself some wings]/et je déchierai le ciel [and I’ll rip{down}/destroy the sky]/Quitte à me brûler le corps [even if my body burns]/La vie comme un météore [Life’s like a meteor]), and the guitar seems to swing along with it. You’ll have to hear the song to hear what I mean by that one.

Late Night Alumni – “It’s Not Happening”
Late Night Alumni – “Angels and Angles”: I’ve been listening to Late Night Alumni for quite some time, and of all the tracks they have ever created, these two somgs are my number three, and number one favorite songs, respectively. “It’s Not Happening’ is a quirky little number on Haunted given the rest of the tracks sound more moody and angsty like “Angels and Angles”. Speaking of, Everything about this song just goes. The guitar track itself is moody but busy. The semi DnB line brings the energy. Becky Jean Williams is certainly one of my favorite female vocalists of all time (her, Aruna, Nadia Ali [both of whom are on this playlist], Kathryn DeBoer, Origa, Sarah Cracknell, Lisa Shaw and that’s about it off hand), and she plays the duet with whoever the guy on the track is perfectly. I can keep going, but my description will never do it justice.


  1. Cake – “Long Time”
  2. Donati feat. Clau Leporace – “Bossa Na Hora Donati”
  3. Smacs and Patrick Kong feat. Louie Austen – “Coconut Girl (Radio Edit)”
  4. Inspiro and Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”
  5. Alfa Rococo – “Météore”
  6. Munk – “A Bored Heart”
  7. Munk – “Keep My Secret”
  8. Late Night Alumni – “It’s Not Happening”
  9. Late Night Alumni – “Angels and Angles”
  10. Robyn – “Dancing On My Own”
  11. Restless & Volatile feat. Siobhan – “Searching (Greg Myers Remix)”
  12. Nadia Ali – “Rapture (Tristan Garner Remix)”
  13. Lange – “Sci-Fi Hero (Extended Mix)”
  14. David Tort & Thomas Gold feat. David Gausa “Areena (Dirty South Mix)”
  15. Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project Remix)”
  16. Blue Motion – “Dream On”
  17. Shogun feat. Emma Lock – “Imprisoned (Original Mix)”
  18. Colonial One feat. Isa Bell – “Always On My Mind (Cordonnier Remix)”
  19. Sylvia Tosun – “Above All (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Club Mix)”
  20. Mike Shiver & Aruna – “Everywhere You Are (Original Mix)”
  21. Adam K & Naan – “Wake Up (Club Mix)”
  22. Jenn Mierau – “Hum (Hollis P. Monroe Remix)”
  23. El-B feat. Nat-Mor – “I Feel (Original Mix)”
  24. Rasmus Faber feat. Dyanna Fearon – “Everytime We”

Happy Listening!


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