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A new year, and a new playlist, 2014 is already shaping up to be a good year musically. I have a few playlists from this winter I’m going to share with you, so I figure as sort of an apology for my absence, I’ll start you out this week with my latest playlist, and end it with the playlist that will supercede it in a week or so. So without further ado, enjoy!

Name Game: Simple enough, it’s fricking cold, and there’s all kinds of different stuff in this list from indie to soulful house, flowing right into some uplifting trance and straight breakz, with a little downbeat DnB thrown in for giggles.

Temporality: Morning/afternoon. This is a great driving to work mix, and an even better lunchtime mix. In fact, I’m listening to this mix as I complete this post.

Notable Tracks:

Warpaint – “Love Is to Die” and “Keep It Healthy”:  I don’t know what it is about winter…yes I do, seasonal affection disorder, but seriously, these two songs were made for waking up at oh dark thirty on a winter morning, and driving to work before dawn has broken. The last minute or so of “Love Is to Die” is just heavenly, with the bass line doing all the work behind the scenes, while the opening riffs and rolling percussion off beats of “Keep It Healthy” just keep you going, floating on some kind of semi-etheral device (not a cloud, a device of some kind)

Betoko vs. Gemma Hayes – “Wicked Game”: I truly hated the Chris Isaak version (yes, the original) or this song, but every time I hear a cover, the cover is always better, and stacked against each other, the covers always seem to get better. This trance cut is probably the apex of all of the iterations I’ve heard. Gemma Hayes’ voice does it for me far more than Chris Isaak, and Betoko is just quality all the way around.

The Crystal Method – “Jupiter Shift” and “After Hours”: Along with The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method was one of the artists that I picked up on when I was kid that set me on the path to loving techno (I really hate calling it EDM) as much I do. In fact, these two tracks from their new self-titled album are the spiritual successor to Vegas. Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned was good, but it didn’t take me there. This is as if they picked up right where they left off with “Born Too Slow” (their only good track in the 2000s, if you ask me)


  1. Warpaint – “Love is to Die”
  2. Warpaint – “Keep It Healthy”
  3. Vanessa Daou – “Trouble Comes”
  4. Placid Larry – “Backwash”
  5. myk. – “Around”
  6. myk. – “For You”
  7. myk. – “Between the Lines”
  8. Vanessa Daou – “Love Is War”
  9. Roman Messer feat. Christina Novelli – “Frozen”
  10. Simon O’Shine – “Wuthering Heights”
  11. Betoko Vs. Gemma Hayes – “Wicked Game”
  12. York – “Farewell to the Moon (Alexander Popov Remix)”
  13. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and Katty Heath – “Stole the Sun (Allen and Envy Remix)”
  14. Kyau and Albert – “Do You Still Know (Joseph Areas Dirty Rock Mix)”
  15. The Crystal Method – “Jupiter Shift”
  16. The Crystal Method feat. Afrobeta – “After Hours”
  17. Dirty Vegas – “Let the Night (Radio Edit)”
  18. Eskadet – “Desire”

Happy Listening!


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