Earwormed – “Theme from Talamanca (Superfunk Summer Super Mix)”


The Earworm: Rhythm Junkees – “Theme from Talamanca (Superfunk Summer Super Mix)”

How I Got Earwormed: I was at a DnB show, kind of blurry, and when I get messed up enough, I think I have ideas about tracks I could produce, if I had the kind of money for the gear that would be necessary. One of those melodies sounded close enough to this track that I earwormed myself.

Why Is This a Good Earworm?: Let’s be clear about this first point: the song is exactly TWO LOOPS long, so if you’re not a fan of loops, this is not your speed. The two loops are phenomenal! Okay, one of them is. The warmup with the calypso percussion, not so much. The main hook (ie loop 2) is basically Ibiza, Rio (for that smooth smooth nu bossa hit) and pick your favorite city for house (Chicago/San Fran/London for me!) with a taste of The Bucketheds rolled into one. I like deconstructing the tracks in my head, so I jumped between the horns, the strings, and the bass line for a good half an hour. Hell, I’ve listened to this song I believe six times now while writing this post even…


Earwormed – “Invincible (Original Mix)”

jmich Borgeous

The Earworm: Borgeous – “Invincible”

How I Got Earwormed: The hook. The HOOK. My God, the hook. For a hot second, it’s just a hook, you know? And not even that “good” of one. It’s a series of the same eighth and sixteenth notes with a few offbeats thrown in there to make it sound like it’s skipping along…until the end of the phrase. The breakdown at the end is simple, but it’s a perfect setup for another iteration of the hook. Now add a synth line that’s one step off from overpowering, and the vocals of Julia Michaels, and you have all the makings of a prog house earworm.

Beta: 29 Lines Mix

o2abaandbmat zo

Hello music fans! It’s my birthday and I am still recovering from last night! It’s taken some time, but I’ve decided to man up for a little while before getting on to my family’s birthday dinner and drop this last stop on our tour of birthday mixes. This one is not quite done, but what the hell, a sneak peek is my gift to you guys! Spoilers follow:

Above & Beyond – “Alone Tonight”

Above & Beyond doing an acoustic album. Sounds sacrilegious. I listened to the whole album, and in general, it’s not bad. Given how I love electric versions of all of these tracks, I am a little biased, but after I heard this gem on Group Therapy, I grew to like it even more. Why? Because like they said on the show, it sounds like a James Bond theme. Maybe Broccoli/Eon would turn to a legit EDM artist for their next one, or get Above & Beyond to do it…

Oxygen feat Andrea Britton – “Am I On Your Mind (Flashtech Remix)”:

Andrea Britton has been on my radar since I was a freshman in college (that’s 2003, folks) and she has never really failed to impress me. This new remix of “Am I On Your Mind” reminds me of the progressive trance (back when there was a true difference) that I started listening to, and the trance that seems like is going to drop come the spring. If this is any indication, I can’t wait!

Mat Zo feat. Rachel K. Collier – “Only For You”:

One thing I would intensely enjoy is techno music (EDM, whatever the hell you want to call it) to have the same attitude in its sound like it did in the early to mid 90s when it was considered underground and borderline subversive. The opening synth line hearkens exactly that. The rest of the track sounds like the direct spiritual descendant of Daft Punk’s Discovery. Another fine track form the likes of Mat Zo. Rachel K. Collier is someone I’m just hearing for the first time, and based on this track, I’d like to hear some more. She’s got potential!

Backtrax: Lv. 28 Mix – Winter 2013

A+Girl+and+a+Gun+l_6d46f7f5dd0d7d274dbcc8e65ebc beatserv waxt

Finishing up our tour of birthday remixes going back to 2010, today’s Backtrax takes us to last winter’s mix and to when I turned twenty-eight and started figuring crap out. Presenting the last stop on the tour, the Lv. 28 Mix!

Name Game: I started playing two first person shooter RPGs like it was my job: Mass Effect and Borderlands. I spent most of my time leveling up. It just so happens I attained level 28 on my birthday…

Temporality: Morning. Definitely morning. You can pull off early afternoon, but tihs is definitely a wake up and have a cup of coffee, or a mimosa and get to work mix.

Notable Tracks:

Beat Assailant – “Hard Twelve (The Ante)” and Dynas feat. Wrekonize, LMS and Rich Medina – “90 Degrees”: These are great examples of the last gasp of legitimate hip-hop that I’ve seen that isn’t the glorification of trying to be Jigga, Weezy, or someone else know by a ridiculous shortening of their stage name that ends in a vowel sound. B.A. and Dynas each actually have something to say hat’s substantive and says so without resorting to slapping hoes, or talking about guns. Each of their beats are classic and complicated in a unique way. If you pulled B.A. off the track, you would have no way of knowing that this was a hip-hop track. With Dynas, its a straight beat, but the addition of harmony in the lyrics make the beat more real instead of just this hook you use to get people to listen to the track.

Michiko – “Stuck On You (Lemongrass Samba De Sol Remix)”: This is what you get when you blend downtempo, house, and bossa nova together. Michiko’s vocals are sweet and soulful, the bossa beat makes you want to drink, and the beat drives the song in such a way that it’s almost extraneous, but at the same time you know that if it was much harder, the song wouldn’t be able to keep up.  This is probably my number two favorite track on the list. Rover’s “Silence to Navigate” is my favorite, but that has already been featured on a playlist.


  1. Cocoon – “American Boy”
  2. Beat Assailant – “Hard Twelve (The Ante)”
  3. Dynas feat. Wrekonize, LMS and Rich Medina – “90 Degrees”
  4. Wax Tailor feat. Jennifer Charles – “Heart Stop”
  5. Mariama – “Easy Way Out”
  6. Ami – “Trumpet Lights (Extended Edit)”
  7. Michiko – “Stuck On You (Lemongrass Samba De Sol Remix)”
  8. Severin – “The Edge of a Sunday (Breakbot Remix)”
  9. Late Night Alumni – “Shine”
  10. Funky Engine – “Promised Land”
  11. Highco – “If Only I Could (Club Mix)”
  12. Beat Service feat. Loverush UK and Shelly Harland – “Different World 2013 (Beat Service Edit)”
  13. Cool Project feat. A Girl and a Gun – “Russian Winter (Manteeny Remix)”
  14. Dirty South & Michael Brun – “Rift”
  15. The Hundred in the Hands – “Young Aren’t Young”
  16. Rover – “Silence to Navigate”
  17. Late Night Alumni – “Summer Lies”

Stay tuned for Monday’s debut of the newest birthday mix, 29 Lines Mix!

Happy Listening!

Earwormed – “Eddie’s Teddy” and “Planet, Schmanet, Janet”

The Earworm: Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – “Eddie’s Teddy” and “Planet, Schmanet, Janet”

(sorry about the quality. I wanted something with the calls, and without other people singing on top of Tim Curry)

How I Got Earwormed: I think this one was a deeply planted, subliminal earworm. It started back in January when I went to Ohayocon. While in the smoker’s alley, I was drinking with a guy who had cos’ed as Eddie, and I was one of the few who got it from the start. At that point, we made the obligatory “Hot Patootie” joke, and moved on. For the last couple of days, I’ve had the last chorus of “Eddie’s Teddy”, and the last verse of “Planet, Schmanet, Janet” (which I’ve learned is not on any of the soundtracks) stuck in my head. The odd thing is when I think of the part where the Criminologist breaks in just before Janet screams “No!”, I fill in with the call from the live show “For the first time in her life”

Backtrax: Biorhythm Mix 9-9-9 Mix – Winter 2012

svd dfalls owlle

We continue the birthday series with today’s Backtrax, which takes us to the winter of 2012 and into the throes of work related depression and stress. I mean seriously, this is the follow up list to the FDNDA Mix, you expected hearts and flowers? Anyways, here’s is the 9-9-9 Mix!

Name Game: The credit for this name is completely due (as Rachel Maddow calls him) the Herman Cain Art Project. During the 2012 elections, Herman Cain was getting pressed for details on his tax plan, the infamous 9-9-9 Plan, which made no sense and was savagely ripped apart. It was made funnier once he began answers on economics by simply saying 9-9-9. It also just happens that 9+9+9=27. This almost became the Galaxy Express 999 mix, but that movie depressed the crap out of me when I was younger, so I opted not to watch it again.

Temporality: Early morning/night. Let’s face it, none of these songs really should be played in the light of day. It’s a downer list. It’s a survival list.

Notable Tracks:

Glee Cast feat. Olivia Newton-John – “Physical”: The only reasons why this track even made it to a playlist are because a) this is pop-electro done right and b) the entire cast is far the hell away from this, it’s just Jane Lynch and Olivia Newton-John. Full disclosure: I FUCKING HATE GLEE!

Example – “Stay Awake (Radio Edit)”: If done right, Europeans rapping over the top of electronic tracks can sound awesome. “Written in the Stars (Super Red Berry Remix)” is a great example of this from Jason Born. What sold me on that, is the same thing that sold me on this, the track itself. These synths here are absolutely gorgeous. I’m a big a fan of the chord progression, and unlike other songs in this genre (I’m looking at every song you ripped off of a legit trance/house producer, Pitbull), I actually care about the lyrics

Darkness Falls – “The Void”: I’m a sucker for female vocalists who an harmonize in a melodic track, but when you have more than one woman singing in harmony on a track that features some very weird sounds thrown in just because, then you have something special. Yes, it’s a downer song, but the melody, especially in the harpsichord bridge makes this okay.


  1. Glee Cast feat. Olivia Newton-John – “Physical”
  2. Owlle – “Free (Parisien Mix)
  3. Birkii – “Holy War”
  4. Wolfpack Beartrack – “Modern Realm”
  5. Exotica – “Spectrum (Radio Edit)”
  6. LA – “Zephyr”
  7. Pyramid – “The Race”
  8. capsule – “Keep Hope Alive” (can’t find a clean rip, start listening at 16:43)
  9. Deppstar – “Teardrop (Deppstar Extended Mix)”
  10. Parker & Hanson – “Afterthought (Heatbeat 6.0 Remix)”
  11. Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Johan Malmgren 2012 Bootleg)”
  12. Coldplay – “Paradise (Tiesto Remix)”
  13. Example – “Stay Awake (Radio Edit)”
  14. Kele vs. Sander van Doorn feat. Lucy Taylor – “What Did I Do Wrong (Radio Edit)”
  15. Kaskade feat. Rebecca & Fiona – “Turn It Down (Radio Edit)”
  16. Aboutblank & KLC feat. DJ Bo – “Gaensehaut (Im 7 Himmel) (Video Edit)”
  17. Jean Jacques Smoothie – “2People (2011 Rework Dcup Remix)”
  18. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – “Record Collection 2012 (Plastic Plates Remix)”
  19. Darkness Falls – “The Void”
  20. New Navy – “Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)”
  21. Zwicker – “Who You Are (Wood Version)”
  22. Essay – “Morning Mountain”

Happy Listening!

Backtrax: Biorhythm Mix Mk. 26 Mix – Winter 2011

haleyg empire-of-the-sun lisam afrojack dj-tiesto-fun-club8 kaskade

Continuing the run up to my birthday, today’s Backtrax takes us back to the winter of 2011 and to my first foray into the professional job market. The Mk.26 mix is a go!

Name Game: I more or less “finished” a novel I was writing near abouts this time, and when I saved different drafts of it, I used the British mark system. 26th birthday became mk. 26.

Temporality: Evening. Coming home at dusk, the downtempo/”fashion house” tracks got me through the busy-ness of Cleveland traffic, the indie through the boringness of what I called “no man’s land” between I-480 and Macedonia, and the DnB and speed for the run down 8.

Notable Tracks (omitting Late Night Alumni and Munk, as they are the shit and have been featured in every playlist known to mankind…):

Inspiro & Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”: Imagine some hoity-toity fashion show, with people who have more money than God, right? Twiggy supermodels with no curves, $15,000 bottles of champagne, blow on the backs of gold gilt toilets, and of course, every photog in the known universe. Put a model on the catwalk and send her on her way. Now, give her some music to walk to. This would totally be playing in your head, especially for Paris or London Fashion weeks. The lyrics are in Portuguese or Spanish, neither language do I understand or care about for this song, but the chorus , bridge and the end solos are what give this tract that trashy high street fashion vibe.

Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project DnB Remixx)”: Shortly before my birthday, I went to Akron’s only EDM night and it was a bunch of down guys spinning some DnB. I had briefly been with some DnB in high school, but didn’t really appreciate it. This track was spun that night, and I well and truly got it quick. It was only well after the fact that this is a remix of a track from Mirrors’s Edge


  1. Donati feat. Clau Leoporace – “Bossa Na Hora”
  2. Smacs & Patrick Kong feat. Louie Austen – “Coconut Girl (Radio Edit)”
  3. Inspiro & Ornella Vanoni – “Perduto (Inspired Club Mix)”
  4. Balage feat. Louis Hale – “How Did We Get to Here (Richard Earnshaw Mix)”
  5. Munk – “A Bored Heart”
  6. Munk – “Keep My Secret”
  7. Late Night Alumni – “It’s Not Happening”
  8. Late Night Alumni – “Angels and Angles”
  9. Lisa Miskovsky – “Still Alive (Traxx Project DnB Remixx)
  10. Blue Motion feat. Wreckage Machine – “Dream On”
  11. Jasper Forks – “Alone (Sunrider Remix)”
  12. Afrojack feat. Eva Simons – “Take Over Control (Ian Carey Remix)”
  13. David Tort & Thomas Gold – “Areena (Dirty South Remix)”
  14. Adam K & Naan – “Wake Up (Club Mix)”
  15. Kaskade & Tiesto feat. Haley – “Only You (Manufactured Superstars and Jquintel Remix)”
  16. Kaskade & Tiesto feat. Haley – “Only You (Ken Loi Remix)”
  17. Restless & Volatile feat. Siobhan – “Searching (Greg Myers Remix)”
  18. Deux – “Sun Rising Up (Vocal Mix)”
  19. Empire of the Sun – “We Are the People (The Shapeshifters Vocal Remix – UK Edit)”
  20. Hideo Kobayashi feat. Lisa Shaw – “Fearless (Original Mix)”
  21. El-B feat. Nat Mor – “I Feel (Original Mix)”
  22. Jenn Mierau – “Hum (Hollis P. Monroe Mix)”

Happy Listening!