Backtrax: Interview Mix – Summer 2010

Today’s Backtrax takes us back to the middle of my “Akron exile” period from 2009-2011. This was a time when I was living with my parents, and basically hating my life like none other. Lots of softer, more “familiar” music for this season, but the true depths of the wtf I was going through was expressed in the winters of each respective year, but that’s spoilers. For now, cozy up to the sounds of the Interview Mix

Name Game: Back when the economy was in the shitter (it’s in the crapper now), and there were no jobs to be had anywhere in NE Ohio, I plied around with my scooter (and later my car) from one interview to another, and not getting hired. Hence the Interview Mix

Temporality: All day. This is one of those rare mixes where you can start it at pretty much any point in time and let it run. Unlike most of the other ones in this class, this one was purely unintentional.

Notable Tracks:

Samantha James – “Subconscious” AND “Life Is Waiting”

From her hotly anticipated sophomore album “Subconscious”, Samantha James continues to put out the lyrical awesomeness that made me love her three years previous when she came out with “Rise”. Expect warm vocal landscapes with a hot danceable beat, but not overly so. She lets her voice do all the heavy lifting, so that the house/trance track in the back isn’t. For all of those people who are anal about EDM not being “real music”, point them to this, and tell them to have a seat.

Clara Moto feat. Mimu- “Deer and Fox”

There’s a fine line that, like Samantha James, Clara Moto walks perfectly: Doing all of the work with her vocals. If Samantha James is the light side of the force, Clara Moto is the dark side, and I love it. “Deer and Fox”, in contrast with my favorite song from her, “Paper Chase”, is dark and mystically spooky sounding. Not quite a brood song, but kind of like a “I’m doing something illegal/not smart, it’s a little thing, but I feel like a badass” kind of feel.

Honorable mention goes to “Acoustique Parfum – “Prisonnier” for the same feel as Clara Moto above, but more so, but specifically because of how one specific word is sung. Yes, it’s in French (so shoot me, I have a damn degree in it), but the word that is kind of sticking in my head now that I’m typing about it is ‘ascendant’ (pronounced ah-saWN-dawnt)


  1. Michel Fugain – “Une belle histoire”
  2. L’A.P.E.M – “Chien Bleu” (Appears on compilation album “Paris. Apres La Pluie”)
  3. Una Mas Trio feat. Bajka – “Clear as Water (Hidden Jazz Quartet)”
  4. Clara Moto – “Deer and Fox”
  5. Samantha James – “Subconscious”
  6. Samantha James – “Life Is Waiting”
  7. Obssesiv feat. Sophia May – “I Will Never Give You Up (Bellatrax Summer Mix)”
  8. The One Hundred – “Break Me Down (Bellatrax Remix)”
  9. Rasmus Faber & Alf Tumble feat. Candi Staton – “Wilder Side Original Mix)”
  10. Ocelot – “Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Mix)”
  11. The Bassmonkeys – “I’ll Show You Loving (Bassmonkeys Original Mix)”
  12. Inna – “Hot (Inna Club Mix)”
  13. Lugh Pavarti – “Could It Be Love (Extended Original Version)”
  14. Agnes – “On and On (Cahill Mix)”
  15. Nelson – “She’s Gone (Extended Mix)”
  16. Knee Deep feat. Cathy Battistessa – “All About Love (Ralf Gum Classic Mix)”
  17. Harley & Muscle feat. India – “Then Came You (Khandza’s Main Vocal Mix)”
  18. Atjazz feat. Clyde – “Please You”
  19. Haldo & Morrison – “When We Get Up (New Mondo Mix)”
  20. Souldynamic feat. Emory – “On the Other Side (Souldynamic Deep Mix)”
  21. Deepcitysoul – “Groove School (Grant Nelson Mix)”
  22. Markus Enochson – “Still Waiting”
  23. Clara Hill – “Nowhere (I Can Go)”
  24. Warten Borgman – “Phases Of Faces”
  25. Apparat – “Arcadia”
  26. Acoustique Parfum – “Prisionnier”
  27. Aeroplane – “Without Lies”
  28. Lemongrass – “Fairyland”

Happy Listening!


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