Backtrax: Holla At Ya BOI Mix – Summer 2010

Today’s Backtrax is a shout out to all my Boise twiggz on the three year anniversary (almost to the day) of my infamous visit to what I thought was going to be potato county. I was so SO wrong about that. So this mix is for (at the time) @BigDannyDan, @DrasticJo, @BrandyinBoise and the like 50+ people I crashed the weekend with. Special shout to the Owyhee, great hotel.

Name Game:  So shortly after the Census Mix (July 2010), I decided I needed to blow town for a weekend to keep my sanity. So with my new found money from the Census, I decided to do something random: asked my tweeps to tell me where I should fly to. My Boise tweeples showed up and so I loaded up and flew my crazy self to Boise, Idaho. BOI is the IATA  code for the airport, so holla.

Temporality: Afternoon, definitely. Getting of the plane was murder because jetlag sucks when you have to go through two time zones (I’ve done three hungover, and six when I was younger, but two’s a bitch)

Notable Tracks:

The Chemical Brothers – “Another World”

Yet another massive track form Simons and Rowlands, off an album that quite frankly wasn’t my cup of tea. This track does everything I come to expect from Chemical Brothers, and throws in a few surprises, being ethereal for a “dance” track is definitely a new trick. I would count “Where Do I Begin”, from Dig Your Own Hole, but it’s neither ethereal, nor technically a “dance” track

Metric – “Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)”

Don’t be surprised if this track gets its own Earworm post, it’s an aggressive indie/electro track where the only vocals (that I can remember at the moment) will get stuck in your head. Also it’s Metric and it’s MSTRKRAFT, is there anything that could go wrong here?


  1. Muse – “Supermassive Black Hole”
  2. Lena – “Satellite”
  3. Drake – “Over”
  4. Pacewon & Mr. Green – “Children Sing”
  5. Kanye West feat. Dwele – “Flashing Lights”
  6. The Chemical Brothers – “Another World”
  7. Pop Glow – “Disco”
  8. Cut Copy – “Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Mix)”
  9. Metric – “Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)”
  10. Grant Nelson – “Brave New World”
  11. Xinobi – “Day Off”
  12. Doug Willis – “Nu Dimension (Joey Negro Philly World Mix)”
  13. Nelson – “She’s Gone (Extended Mix)”
  14. Knee Deep feat. Cathy Battistessa- “All About Love (Ralf Gum Classic Mix)”
  15. Kimara Lovelace – “The Magic of Love (Alix Alvarez Album Mix)”
  16. Ayce DJ & Karlito – “Havana (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix)”
  17. The Jinks feat. Michelle Weeks – “Shame (Groove Assassins Dub Mix)”

Happy Listening!


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