Backtrax: Shepard’s Ferris Wheel Mix

Hey, hey peoples. This is another edition of the infamous ProjectSkylon Playlist blog, and anticipation of hitting the peaks of summer where I promise you all the classic summer anthems will be dropped this month, I figure I’ll give a small taste of the awesomeness to come. Here’s last year’s summer playlist, Shepard’s Ferris Wheel Mix!

Name Game: This one is kinda complicated. I had just started playing Mass Effect for the first time, and was quickly absorbed into the game. Now, as I play games, I like watching/listening to tv in the background. By co-incidence, I started watching Stargate: Atlantis again. Both male protagonists’ names are Shepard (Atlantis’ is Sheppard). That’s part one. Part two is that in Atlantis, John Sheppard tells Teyla that (among other things) he likes Ferris wheels. The tie in is that there’s two tracks on this list, Candy Girl And Dj Adamus’ “Just Do It 4 U” and Starchaser feat. Tereza Janouskova – “Wild Blue  (Extended)” that have a slowed down part that one sunny day as I was driving to work, I concluded during a synaesthetic whatever that it would be good music to listen to at a fair while riding a Ferris wheel with your chickie of choice. That kinda set the tone for this mix (and a bit of the next one too), hence the name.

Temporality: Late afternoon/evening. In keeping with the Ferris wheel theme, the best time for riding with your chickie is approximately sunset, or just a skoch before. 

Notable Tracks:

Candy Girl And Dj Adamus – “Just Do It 4 U  (Club Edit)” AND Starchaser feat. Tereza Janouskova – “Wild Blue  (Extended)”

I’ve pretty much already dropped why these tracks is notable. Just re-read the last two sections while listening to them, and you’ll get it. For serious. I hope.


  1. Kim McDaniels – “Gypsy Woman (Les Bains Instrumental Mix)”
  2. Scott Simmons – “Children (Paris Fashion Remix)”
  3. Guru Dawn – “Moments in Love (Eiffel 95 Remix)”
  4. Lovebirds feat. Steve Downes – “Want You In My Soul (Original Mix)”
  5. Alex Mica – “Dalinda  (Video Extended Sax Version)”
  6. Nelly Furtado – “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) (Chris Cox Remix)”
  7. Candy Girl And Dj Adamus – “Just Do It 4 U  (Club Edit)”
  8. Starchaser feat. Tereza Janouskova – “Wild Blue  (Extended)”
  9. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – “Concrete Angel  (Original Mix)”
  10. Nikita – “Weightless”
  11. Ferry Corsten feat. Aruna – “Live Forever  (Extended)”
  12. Mirami feat. Layzee – “Summer Dreams  (Extended Mix)”
  13. Dr Don Don feat. Elizabeth Rose – “Never Fear  (Jolyon Petch Club Mix)”
  14. Steve Twain – “Dance With Me (Extended Mix)”
  15. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder – “Calling (Lose My Mind) (Extended Club Mix)”
  16. Bingo Players feat. Heather Bright – “Don’t Blame The Party (Mode) (Extended Mix)”
  17. Soho808 – “Get Up Disco”
  18. Timmy Regisford – “Far Away”

Happy Listening!


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