Now Playing: Biorhythm Mix (Miranda’s Riverfront Mix mk3)

It’s always a fine day when I drop a new playlist, and an even finer one when it’s on a Friday, but the best of the best occurs when the Friday in question is a Riverfront Friday, and the playlist matches. That’s what I’ve got for you fine friends. Here, the debut of Miranda’s Riverfront Mix Mk3. Enjoy!

Name Game: Simple enough, the third in the series of Riverfront mixes going back to 2009. Music to go to Rockin’ on the River on the Cuyahoga Falls Riverfront.

Temporality: Now. Right now. Seriously, drop your shit, listen to this music. Also known as evening (6pm to be specific)

Notable Tracks: I refer you to the Galaxy Mix for De-phazz and Slazy, because they can’t get enough love. Besides, the trance is all top notch, and I’d be saying the same thing for all of the tracks: Great producers, insanse synths nad beautiful vocals by all the familiar suspects



  1. De-phazz – “Easy Goodbye”
  2. De-phazz – “Jazz Music”
  3. Flower – “Forget-me-not ~Wasurenagusa~”
  4. Sander van Doorn – “Neon (Club Mix)”
  5. Punkrockers feat. Carmen and Camille – “IDGAF (Crystal Rock Remix)”
  6. Slazy – “Hollywood (Club Mix)”
  7. Damon Paul feat. Patricia Banks – “The Sun Always Shines on TV (Bodybangers Club Mix)”
  8. Monte Cristo feat. Cozi – “Physical (Club Mix)”
  9. Solarstone & Betsie Larkin – “I Breath You In (Solarstone’s Pure Mix)”
  10. Aly & Fila feat. Sue McLaren – “Mysteries Unfold”
  11. Editors – Camera (Maor Levi’s Starlight Mix)
  12. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – “Your Secret’s Safe”
  13. Andy Duguid feat. Audrey Gallagher – “In This Moment”
  14. Vinny Troia feat. Jaidene Veda – Fade Into You (Jerome Isma-ae & Ilan Bluestone Remix)
  15. Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash – Under The Gun (Original Mix)

Earwormed – Save the World (OneSaneMan Edit)

The Earworm: Mick Lion – “Save the World (OneSaneMan Edit)”

How I Got Earwormed: The song itself, by virtue of it even existing, is an earworm. When I first heard the song two years ago, it got me. In this case, just hearing the opening (without even hearing the earworm part itself) triggered the worm. The actual worm itself is also the main (and only) hook of the track. It’s a simple synth pattern with a vocalization on top of it. It’s repetitive as hell, but catchy as hell to boot.


Backtrax: Interview Mix – Summer 2010

Today’s Backtrax takes us back to the middle of my “Akron exile” period from 2009-2011. This was a time when I was living with my parents, and basically hating my life like none other. Lots of softer, more “familiar” music for this season, but the true depths of the wtf I was going through was expressed in the winters of each respective year, but that’s spoilers. For now, cozy up to the sounds of the Interview Mix

Name Game: Back when the economy was in the shitter (it’s in the crapper now), and there were no jobs to be had anywhere in NE Ohio, I plied around with my scooter (and later my car) from one interview to another, and not getting hired. Hence the Interview Mix

Temporality: All day. This is one of those rare mixes where you can start it at pretty much any point in time and let it run. Unlike most of the other ones in this class, this one was purely unintentional.

Notable Tracks:

Samantha James – “Subconscious” AND “Life Is Waiting”

From her hotly anticipated sophomore album “Subconscious”, Samantha James continues to put out the lyrical awesomeness that made me love her three years previous when she came out with “Rise”. Expect warm vocal landscapes with a hot danceable beat, but not overly so. She lets her voice do all the heavy lifting, so that the house/trance track in the back isn’t. For all of those people who are anal about EDM not being “real music”, point them to this, and tell them to have a seat.

Clara Moto feat. Mimu- “Deer and Fox”

There’s a fine line that, like Samantha James, Clara Moto walks perfectly: Doing all of the work with her vocals. If Samantha James is the light side of the force, Clara Moto is the dark side, and I love it. “Deer and Fox”, in contrast with my favorite song from her, “Paper Chase”, is dark and mystically spooky sounding. Not quite a brood song, but kind of like a “I’m doing something illegal/not smart, it’s a little thing, but I feel like a badass” kind of feel.

Honorable mention goes to “Acoustique Parfum – “Prisonnier” for the same feel as Clara Moto above, but more so, but specifically because of how one specific word is sung. Yes, it’s in French (so shoot me, I have a damn degree in it), but the word that is kind of sticking in my head now that I’m typing about it is ‘ascendant’ (pronounced ah-saWN-dawnt)


  1. Michel Fugain – “Une belle histoire”
  2. L’A.P.E.M – “Chien Bleu” (Appears on compilation album “Paris. Apres La Pluie”)
  3. Una Mas Trio feat. Bajka – “Clear as Water (Hidden Jazz Quartet)”
  4. Clara Moto – “Deer and Fox”
  5. Samantha James – “Subconscious”
  6. Samantha James – “Life Is Waiting”
  7. Obssesiv feat. Sophia May – “I Will Never Give You Up (Bellatrax Summer Mix)”
  8. The One Hundred – “Break Me Down (Bellatrax Remix)”
  9. Rasmus Faber & Alf Tumble feat. Candi Staton – “Wilder Side Original Mix)”
  10. Ocelot – “Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Mix)”
  11. The Bassmonkeys – “I’ll Show You Loving (Bassmonkeys Original Mix)”
  12. Inna – “Hot (Inna Club Mix)”
  13. Lugh Pavarti – “Could It Be Love (Extended Original Version)”
  14. Agnes – “On and On (Cahill Mix)”
  15. Nelson – “She’s Gone (Extended Mix)”
  16. Knee Deep feat. Cathy Battistessa – “All About Love (Ralf Gum Classic Mix)”
  17. Harley & Muscle feat. India – “Then Came You (Khandza’s Main Vocal Mix)”
  18. Atjazz feat. Clyde – “Please You”
  19. Haldo & Morrison – “When We Get Up (New Mondo Mix)”
  20. Souldynamic feat. Emory – “On the Other Side (Souldynamic Deep Mix)”
  21. Deepcitysoul – “Groove School (Grant Nelson Mix)”
  22. Markus Enochson – “Still Waiting”
  23. Clara Hill – “Nowhere (I Can Go)”
  24. Warten Borgman – “Phases Of Faces”
  25. Apparat – “Arcadia”
  26. Acoustique Parfum – “Prisionnier”
  27. Aeroplane – “Without Lies”
  28. Lemongrass – “Fairyland”

Happy Listening!

Backtrax: Holla At Ya BOI Mix – Summer 2010

Today’s Backtrax is a shout out to all my Boise twiggz on the three year anniversary (almost to the day) of my infamous visit to what I thought was going to be potato county. I was so SO wrong about that. So this mix is for (at the time) @BigDannyDan, @DrasticJo, @BrandyinBoise and the like 50+ people I crashed the weekend with. Special shout to the Owyhee, great hotel.

Name Game:  So shortly after the Census Mix (July 2010), I decided I needed to blow town for a weekend to keep my sanity. So with my new found money from the Census, I decided to do something random: asked my tweeps to tell me where I should fly to. My Boise tweeples showed up and so I loaded up and flew my crazy self to Boise, Idaho. BOI is the IATA  code for the airport, so holla.

Temporality: Afternoon, definitely. Getting of the plane was murder because jetlag sucks when you have to go through two time zones (I’ve done three hungover, and six when I was younger, but two’s a bitch)

Notable Tracks:

The Chemical Brothers – “Another World”

Yet another massive track form Simons and Rowlands, off an album that quite frankly wasn’t my cup of tea. This track does everything I come to expect from Chemical Brothers, and throws in a few surprises, being ethereal for a “dance” track is definitely a new trick. I would count “Where Do I Begin”, from Dig Your Own Hole, but it’s neither ethereal, nor technically a “dance” track

Metric – “Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)”

Don’t be surprised if this track gets its own Earworm post, it’s an aggressive indie/electro track where the only vocals (that I can remember at the moment) will get stuck in your head. Also it’s Metric and it’s MSTRKRAFT, is there anything that could go wrong here?


  1. Muse – “Supermassive Black Hole”
  2. Lena – “Satellite”
  3. Drake – “Over”
  4. Pacewon & Mr. Green – “Children Sing”
  5. Kanye West feat. Dwele – “Flashing Lights”
  6. The Chemical Brothers – “Another World”
  7. Pop Glow – “Disco”
  8. Cut Copy – “Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Mix)”
  9. Metric – “Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)”
  10. Grant Nelson – “Brave New World”
  11. Xinobi – “Day Off”
  12. Doug Willis – “Nu Dimension (Joey Negro Philly World Mix)”
  13. Nelson – “She’s Gone (Extended Mix)”
  14. Knee Deep feat. Cathy Battistessa- “All About Love (Ralf Gum Classic Mix)”
  15. Kimara Lovelace – “The Magic of Love (Alix Alvarez Album Mix)”
  16. Ayce DJ & Karlito – “Havana (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix)”
  17. The Jinks feat. Michelle Weeks – “Shame (Groove Assassins Dub Mix)”

Happy Listening!

Backtrax: Shepard’s Ferris Wheel Mix

Hey, hey peoples. This is another edition of the infamous ProjectSkylon Playlist blog, and anticipation of hitting the peaks of summer where I promise you all the classic summer anthems will be dropped this month, I figure I’ll give a small taste of the awesomeness to come. Here’s last year’s summer playlist, Shepard’s Ferris Wheel Mix!

Name Game: This one is kinda complicated. I had just started playing Mass Effect for the first time, and was quickly absorbed into the game. Now, as I play games, I like watching/listening to tv in the background. By co-incidence, I started watching Stargate: Atlantis again. Both male protagonists’ names are Shepard (Atlantis’ is Sheppard). That’s part one. Part two is that in Atlantis, John Sheppard tells Teyla that (among other things) he likes Ferris wheels. The tie in is that there’s two tracks on this list, Candy Girl And Dj Adamus’ “Just Do It 4 U” and Starchaser feat. Tereza Janouskova – “Wild Blue  (Extended)” that have a slowed down part that one sunny day as I was driving to work, I concluded during a synaesthetic whatever that it would be good music to listen to at a fair while riding a Ferris wheel with your chickie of choice. That kinda set the tone for this mix (and a bit of the next one too), hence the name.

Temporality: Late afternoon/evening. In keeping with the Ferris wheel theme, the best time for riding with your chickie is approximately sunset, or just a skoch before. 

Notable Tracks:

Candy Girl And Dj Adamus – “Just Do It 4 U  (Club Edit)” AND Starchaser feat. Tereza Janouskova – “Wild Blue  (Extended)”

I’ve pretty much already dropped why these tracks is notable. Just re-read the last two sections while listening to them, and you’ll get it. For serious. I hope.


  1. Kim McDaniels – “Gypsy Woman (Les Bains Instrumental Mix)”
  2. Scott Simmons – “Children (Paris Fashion Remix)”
  3. Guru Dawn – “Moments in Love (Eiffel 95 Remix)”
  4. Lovebirds feat. Steve Downes – “Want You In My Soul (Original Mix)”
  5. Alex Mica – “Dalinda  (Video Extended Sax Version)”
  6. Nelly Furtado – “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) (Chris Cox Remix)”
  7. Candy Girl And Dj Adamus – “Just Do It 4 U  (Club Edit)”
  8. Starchaser feat. Tereza Janouskova – “Wild Blue  (Extended)”
  9. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – “Concrete Angel  (Original Mix)”
  10. Nikita – “Weightless”
  11. Ferry Corsten feat. Aruna – “Live Forever  (Extended)”
  12. Mirami feat. Layzee – “Summer Dreams  (Extended Mix)”
  13. Dr Don Don feat. Elizabeth Rose – “Never Fear  (Jolyon Petch Club Mix)”
  14. Steve Twain – “Dance With Me (Extended Mix)”
  15. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder – “Calling (Lose My Mind) (Extended Club Mix)”
  16. Bingo Players feat. Heather Bright – “Don’t Blame The Party (Mode) (Extended Mix)”
  17. Soho808 – “Get Up Disco”
  18. Timmy Regisford – “Far Away”

Happy Listening!

Now Playing: Biorhythm Mix (Galaxy Mix)

Hello kiddies! In time for a gray and rainy #MusicMonday, I’ve found time to drop (after what seems to have been a lifetime) a CURRENT playlist! Holy crap, that’s right, it’s a new release! It got previously teased in Beta as the Backwards Compatibility mix, but a lot have changes have come and gone, also the reasoning for naming the mix was changed greatly too. So, without further ado, dropping this years first true summer mix, Biorhythm Mix (Galaxy Mix)

Name Game: I scored a Galaxy Note from a co-worker (yet another reason why I love working where I do…) so this was the first mix on it. Of course there was massive ROM flashing on it too (Padawan, CM10.1 and PacMan)

Temporality: Lunchtime, or thereabouts. De-phazz is the perfect morning/lunch kind of deal, but the rest of the list vibes very afternoon .

Notable Tracks:

Slazy – “Hollywood”

This track earwormed the hell out of me when I first heard because Slazy had the sheer audacity to drop the Magnum P.I theme song directly in the hook and made it work. Yeah, it’s bro-house, but you know what, it works dammit.

De-phazz – “Jazz Music”

I’ve been with De-phazz since I was exposed to them back in 2007 with their track “Jazz Music”. Wait a second (you all are thinking) isn’t that the same track that you heard then? Actually, no! In fact, in addition to the soulful house version I heard then and this one I’m pimping now, there is another acoustic version (that’s the one that comes up  if you youtube it, which is in fact the original). Of the three, this one is directly in the middle, and I’m thinking I’m liking this one just barely slightly more than the house version

Myon & Shane 54 feat. Natalie Peris – “Outshine (Radio Edit)”

Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna – “Lights (Radio Edit) AND (Cole Plante Radio Edit)”

Steve Kaetzel feat. Emma Lock – “I Love You”

Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – “Just Be (Radio Edit)”

The reason why all four of these gets a bump is two-fold. First, it’s summertime, and as far as modern EDM is concerned, you are looking at four of my favorite vocalists. Kirsty Hawkshaw is the first one I was ever familiar with thanks to her collaboration with Swayzak on “State of Grace” way back when. Aruna was put on my radar back in 2010 when I was cruising in a rental in Austin for my cousin’s wedding, listening to Above & Beyond’s Trance Around the World. Emma Lock I’ve been with since the heady days of the summer of 2008. Natalie Peris is the newbie on the list, but by God, she’s so mustard that she’s on the fast track to being a favore. Shit, the only person we’re missing here is Emma Hewitt, and I’m almost certain she’s putting up a track (if she hasn’t already) in the very near future.

The second reason is because Myon & Shane 54 are so hot that they are just blowing up my summers. In addition to the aforementioned Above & Beyond bringing the power on Group Therapy.


  1. Disclosure feat. Edward MacFarlane- “Defeated No More”
  2. Husky & Matt Meler Bru Fave & Ron E Jones – This Time [Husky RSR Soul Rub Edit]
  3. Frankie Knuckles & Director’s Cut – Let Yourself Go (feat. Sybil) [A Director’s Cut Master Dub]
  4. Carl Hanaghan feat. LaShonda – Mojito’s & Sunshine [Vocal Mix Edit]
  5. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Natalie Peris – “Outshine (Radio Edit)”
  6. Tamra Keenan – “Pontius Pilate (Lence & Pluton Remix)”
  7. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna – “Lights (Cole Plante Radio Edit)”
  8. Maor Levi feat. Ashley Tomberlin – “Chasing Love (Original Edit)”
  9. Krewella – “Alive”
  10. AWD – “In Time (Radio Edit)”
  11. Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – “Just Be (Radio Edit)”
  12. Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight feat. Sarah Lynn – “Silhouette (Radio Edit)”
  13. Two & One feat. Jess Morgan – “Reasons Later (Radio Edit)”
  14. Myon & Shane 54 feat. Aruna – “Lights (Radio Edit)”
  15. Store N Forward feat. Hannah Ray – “Hero (Radio Edit)”
  16. Steve Kaetzel feat. Emma Lock – “I Love You”
  17. 5 Reasons feat. Patrick Baker – “Night Drive in Moscow (Satin Jackets Remix)”
  18. Dislcosure feat. London Grammar – “Help Me Lose My Mind”

Happy Listening!