Backtrax: Miranda’s Riverfront Mix Mk 2 – Spring/Summer 2010

This week’s Backtrax post, like last week’s is a mini-tribute to summers gone by. 2010 was an average year, but the summer was pretty freaking great, mainly because I found out about Kitsuné Records, which was my intro to both Two Door Cinema Club and La Roux, but also because I got to do a fair bit of traveling (the stories for those trips will be included in their respective playlists next month)

Name Game: So just as in 2009, I took my scooter (Miranda) out to the Riverfront with the boys, minus my buddy who was having a self titled “Summer of Sandy” where he didn’t really come out with us (though he did do a lot of wrestling). This is the Mark 2 mix in the series

Temporality: Late afternoon/evening. Ideally in the 6pm range to really get the indie juices flowing

Notable Tracks:

La Roux – “As If By Magic” Really and truly, every La Roux track on here could get a special nod, but “As If By Magic” is arguably my favorite song of all time by them (barely beating out “In for the Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)”. The melody is all fun and (American) indie synthpoppy, but what seals the deal for me (also with “In for the Kill”) is when Elly Jackson shows off her range and just croons. Damn does she have a good range, and it always makes me whistle that out.

Pop Glow – “Disco” If you were to take an Owl City track circa 2009-2010 and throw out everything thing that you hate about Owl City (because let’s face it, you can only hear “Fireflies” so many times before you want to castrate someone with a rusty spoon), you would get Pop Glow’s “Disco”. I liked this track so much that it, along with Degrees of Motion’s “Show Me”, was my phone’s ring tone for the summer. Specifically, it’s the synth track that’s catchy because it sounds like old PC video game music from the Windows 95/98 era.


  1. Two Door Cinema Club – “Cigarettes in the Theatre”
  2. Two Door Cinema Club – “This Is the Life”
  3. La Roux – “Quicksand”
  4. La Roux – “Colourless Colour”
  5. La Roux – “As If By Magic”
  6. La Roux – “Reflections Are Protection”
  7. Pop Glow – “Disco”
  8. Mousse T. – “Horny ’98 (Extended Mix)”
  9. Lauren Flax feat. Sia – “You’ve Changed (Original Vocal Mix)”
  10. Vincent Valler feat. Savio – “Love’s Theme (Original Vocal Mix)”
  11. Degrees of Motion feat. Billy Porter – “Show Me (RJ’s Deeper Mix)”

Happy Listening!


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