Backtrax: Miranda’s Riverfront Mix Mk1 – Spring/Summer 2009

The weekend is here and it is a GORGEOUS day, which means calling up my friends and hitting up the Riverfront! And it’s such a lovely day, I’m going to post this playlist as a nice review because I’ve totally come up with the sequel to this particular playlist…well, actually the 3rd in the Riverfront series, and I will drop the beta for that next Friday, but first, the list that started them off, Miranda’s Riverfront Mix Mk 1

Name Game: Every Friday in summer, Cuyahoga Falls has a festival on their city plaza (called the Riverfront) called Rockin’ on the River. I’d take Miranda (my scooter) over to my buddy’s house who lived (at the time) with his fam, just down the street from the Riverfront. We’d pregame, then hit the Riverfront and drink beers while I listed to my music over the (semi-crappy) cover bands of 70s classic rock.

Temporality: Early evening/night. Riverfront generally turned into a first stop on our night of drinking since they close it down at 11, but I would get down there at like five or six and hang out.

Notable Tracks:

Erika Jayne – “Give You Everything (Moto Blanco Club Mix)”
Anastacia – “Absolutely Positively – (Moto Blanco Club Mix)”

I generally hate pop songs, or really any song that sounds like some kind of tween pandering type of track, but Miki Moto and Bobby Blanco, however, have made a career of turning crappy pop songs into pretty good vocal house tracks, in addition to putting their glam house spin on other really good tracks. Erika Jayne I was already cool with because Moto Blanco had done a good remix of her previous single “Stars”, but I had NEVER liked Anastacia…until now

  1. Alexander Rybak – “Fairytale”
  2. Brinck – “Believe Again”
  3. Obo – “Bossaque”
  4. Toco – “Instalacao Do Samba”
  5. Bossa Nostra – “Roxanne (Nao Ligar)”
  6. Climatic – “Hazy Days”
  7. Gelka – “Rasta Baby”
  8. Samantha James – “Amber Sky”
  9. Home & Garden feat. Lisa Shaw – “Someday”
  10. Ivan Enot – “Grooves of the Heart”
  11. Introspective Directive – “Nightfall (Audioglider Mix)”
  12. Balearic Paradise – “Night in Ibiza (Lounge Cafe Mix)”
  13. Dishop – “Broken Memories (Chill Out Mix)”
  14. Syke & Sugarstarr – “Toda a Minha Vida (SNS Banoffee Mix)”
  15. Toni Granello feat. Brian Lucas – “San Francisco (Dub Mix)”
  16. Shaun Baker feat. Maloy – “Hey Hi Hello (Michael Mind Edit)”
  17. Jamie Foxx – “Blame It”
  18. Deborah Cox – “Beautiful U R (Jody den Broeder Club Mix)”
  19. Erika Jayne – “Give You Everything (Moto Blanco Club Mix)”
  20. Anastacia – “Absolutely Positively – (Moto Blanco Club Mix)”
  21. Lazee feat. Neverstore – “Hold On (Stonebridge Edit)
  22. Alina – “When You Leave (Numa Numa) (Basshunter Extended Mix)”
  23. Annagrace – “Let the Feelings Go”
  24. Booty Luv – “Say It (Warren Clarke Vocal Mix)”
  25. Chrisette Michele – “Epiphany (I’m Leaving) (Dave Aude Club Mix)”
  26. Christopher Lawrence & Dave Aude feat. Jen Lasher – “Lie to Ourselves (Original Mix)”
  27. Lakisha Jones – “Let’s Go Celebrate (Jody den Broeder Club Mix)”
  28. Chris Lake – “Alone (Original Mix)”
  29. Horny United – “Time (Bongo Loverz Radio Mix)”
  30. Tobias Baumgart – “Realize”
  31. Gabriel Rene feat. J. Soul – “Spirit (Guy Robin Classic Vocal Mix)”
  32. Moses McClean – “Love Thing (Harley & Muscle Deep Mix)”
  33. Marc Evans – “Beneath the Crescent Moon”
  34. Robert Burian – “Beira Mar (Original Mix)”*
  35. Luckystars – “Swimming Under the Ice (Jay Tripwire & Gavin Froome Mix)”
  36. Phonique and Kiloo – “The Passion (Original Mix)”
  37. Jonny White – “Full Night (Red Circle Remix)”
  38. Rico Puestel – “Beyond Them [Original Mix]”
  39. Merge Of Equals – “A Lua”
  40. Dubdiver – “Floating on Love”

Happy Listening!


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