Earwormed: Slazy

So I had the idea a while ago to open up a new section for songs that I get stuck in my head for no particular reason. The proper name for that is an “earworm”. Their word, not mine. I’d have used something that didn’t remind me so much of Khan earworming Terrell and Chekov in the ORIGINAL Star Trek 2 (TWOK), but I digress. So what song do I have stuck in my head?

The Earworm: Slazy – “Hollywood (Club Mix)”

How I Got Earwormed: I was previewing tracks from this month’s Promo Only batch to be added to the Beta, and this track was in the batch. At first I thought it was some bro house garbage (see David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Pitbull etc), but then the 80s track cut in and I was like, “hold tight, I know this track. What the hell is this?” And then a second later, I was like “Oh shit, that’s Magnum P.I.!  Oh no they didn’t just drop that in the track!” But you know what? It works! How well, I’m not sure, all I know is that the Magnum theme is the part that got earwormed.


2 thoughts on “Earwormed: Slazy

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