Backtrax: Quantum Slipstream Mix – Summer 2007

This is one of my favorite playlists of all time. It also happens to be the second in the Hazy Mix series (after the Dub Beta) with some of the best in house and chill that I’ve seen to this day. The heady days when I had just stumbled into the whole downtempo/chillhouse scene and found out about Mark Rae and Grand Central Records. Screw the preamble, I’ll let the playlist do all the talking.

Name Game: Back in my college days, shortly after I got back from San Fran (and all the craziness that came with it) I basically spent my free time doing two things: getting blitzed, and listening to music late at night. I particularly liked listening to this mix with the cominatcha visualization on WMP because it reminded me of the quantum slipstream visual effect from Star Trek: Voyager.

Temporality: Night, unless you are drunk or stoned/tripping, in which case, it’s your world. All of these tracks are chilled out jewels.

Notable Tracks:

Soulstice – “Fall Into You”

I could have picked all of the Soulstice tracks on here, but “Fall Into You” is by far my favorite of everything they’ve ever done. Andy Caldwell (who I had the privilege of meeting once in Columbus at Spice) named his side project quite correctly. Lots of soul, thanks in no small part to Caldwell’s basslines, or the smooth, soulful vocals of Gina René. This particular track is catchy, and for a chill song, it has a deceptively fast tempo.

Madison Park – “Wish You Were Here (BossaWish Mix)”

James and DeAnna Cool aka Madison Park had already sold me on their stylings back in high school with “My Personal Moon” and “Opus One”, but this track SCREAMS ‘get a drink with an umbrella in it, park yourself in the sun, get drunk.” The bossa definitely feels that, but DeAnna cool’s vocals get the job done.


  1. Soulstice – “Fall Into You”
  2. Julien Jabre – “Swimming Places (Original Mix)”
  3. Solu Music feat. Kimblee – “Fade (Solid State Acoustic Mix)”
  4. Solu Music feat. Kimblee – “Fade [Grant Nelson Big Room Vocal Mix]”
  5. Colette – “Feelin’ Hypnotized (Kaskade Mix)”
  6. Joillet – “Rise (Louis Benedetti Club Mix)”
  7. Soulstice – “Colour”
  8. Mike Delgado – “Byrdman’s Revenge”
  9. Mike Delgado – “Murder Track”
  10. Madison Park – “Wish You Were Here (BossaWish Mix)”
  11. Madison Park – “Right Around Here”
  12. Ananda Project – “Fantasy Suite”
  13. Jon Kennedy – “Something That’s Real”
  14. Soulstice – “The Reason”
  15. Soulstice – “Surrender”
  16. Mutiny UK – “Doin Me Right”
  17. Shpongle – Crystal Skulls (Western Rebel Alliance Mix)
  18. Shpongle – Dorset Perception (Total Eclipse Remix)
  19. Mark Rae – “Without You Now”
  20. Malcom – “Ballad 9 to 5”
  21. Dalminjo feat. Piya – “Uchu Ryokou”
  22. Cloud feat Yonna – “Winternights”
  23. Duccu – “Midnight Run”
  24. Alan Smithee – “Strawberry Sunday”*
  25. Solar House – “Freedom”
  26. Soulstance – “Truth, Simplicity and Love”
  27. Bebel Gilberto – “August Day Song”
  28. Soulmakers – “Falling (Earnshaw’s Vocal Re-Touch)”
  29. Milk & Sugar – “Stay Around (Club Mix)”
  30. Bonaparti. Lv – “Questa Notte”
  31. Todomondo – “Liubi, Liubi, I Love You”

*If you can find this track for stream, let me know!


Happy Listening!



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