Backtrax: Summer Cocktail Mix – Summer 2007

It’s FINALLY summer in the city, and so what better way to celebrate it getting warm (and staying warm) than to kick back at home (after work) and bliss yourself out with sun drenched musical goodness and good booze? To help you in that endeavor, here’s my aptly named Summer Cocktail Mix from the heady days of my college days, the summer of my senior year in 2007

Name Game: Exactly what it says on the tin, from drinking all kinds of cocktails during the summer of 2007.

Temporality: Afternoon/evening. It’s very clear that this music is for sipping on booze. While you can technically stretch this to late morning if you have mimosas, you need the heat and sun of a nice afternoon/early evening to just get messed up on in the middle of the day and relax

Notable Tracks:

Stonebridge feat. Therese – “Put ‘Em High (Seamus Haji Vocal Mix)”

This track, if memory serves, was my first real summer anthem…EVER. Emma Hewitt is one hell of a singer, and I prefer sopranos in general, but as good as her vocals are, that wasn’t the selling point for me. It was the track itself. keyboards on the verse, bass line and those whispy souning echo synths in the chorus, it just sounds like an afternoon/evening pre-game song. In fact this song, along with the others listed in this section, were on my playlist for exactly that type of music, aptly named the Bar Starz mix.

Stisch – “Turn Around (Barfly Extended Mix)”

This track is “Put ‘Em High”‘s natural successor in any of my playlists because it matches energy and what I like about each song of the two so well, but switched. Bassline through out, 80s style vocoding as a ‘backup singer’, synths and vocals throughout. I don’t know who the vocalist on this track is, but I want to buy her a drink.

Stéphane Pompougnac feat. Clementine – “Morenito (Bossa Mix)”

This is the song that put the cocktail in Summer Cocktail mix. If this sun drenched, bossa house track doesn’t make you have an urge for either a mimosa at 9:30, 10 in the morning, or to lay out somewhere getting boozy, then you’re either out of your mind, or have no clue what the real finer things in life are. Sure, I have no clue what in the hell Clementine’s singing about, but with ther voice, who cares?

The Chemical Brothers – “Saturate”

The Chemical Brothers are one of (if not the top of) my favorite artists of all time. Of all of their tracks, this is probably my favorite. The drums are what sold me to this track. They make you want thrash out and get stupid, or in the case of a drinking evening, to drink more, right then and there. And every run through the chorus, they add an iteration of that drum loop, each time preceded by a drum roll that’s a cue for cranking it up.


  1. Grandadbob – “Hide Me (Al Usher’s Dance Mix”)
  2. Milk & Sugar – “Stay Around (Club Mix)”
  3. The Lovemakers – “This Feeling”
  4. Blue Six – “Pure (Mig’s Petalpusher Vocal Mix)”
  5. Chris Lake feat. Emma Hewitt – “Carry Me Away (Radio Edit)”
  6. Stonebridge feat. Therese – “Put ‘Em High (Seamus Haji Vocal Mix)”
  7. Stisch – “Turn Around (Barfly Extended Mix)”
  8. Stéphane Pompougnac feat. Clementine – “Morenito (Bossa Mix)”
  9. Twyker/Klimek/Heil feat. Franka Potente – “Running Three”
  10. The Chemical Brothers – “Saturate”
  11. SoulStice – “Ebony Sea”
  12. Hird – “Getting Closer”
  13. Freedom Dub – “Emotional Rescue (2 Many Beats Remix)”
  14. Skye – “What’s Wrong With Me (Nouvelle Vague Remix)”
  15. Bebel Gilberto – “Summer Samba (Samba de Verao)”
  16. Lovespirals – “Love Survives”
  17. Lemongrass – “Falling Star”
  18. Alan Smithee – “Strawberry Sunday”*
  19. Kenneth Bager feat. Julee Cruise – “Fragment Two (The First Picture)”
  20. Do As Infinity – “Fukai Mori”
  21. Kate Rogers – “Miss You”
  22. Grandadbob – “Mmmnn”
  23. Grandadbob – “Come with Me”
  24. Etoile feat. Tiger Lily – “Sometimes (Playmakers Remix)”
  25. Kim English – “Everyday (Maurice Joshua Vocal Mix)”

*I totally couldn’t find a stream for this. It’s off of Nordic Lounge: Winter Edition Vol. 1

Happy Listening!


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