Now Playing: Biorhythm Mix (Rooted Mix)

Today is a fine Monday morning, and it’s the beginning of June in NE Ohio which means three things: temps in the 70s and 80s, going to the Riverfront (you’ll find out about that on Friday, hint hint), and it’s time for me to drop the newest playlist in the Biorhythm series! Big ups to Kay Rush for bringing some chill/soulful house power! This list is so fresh that Spotify doesn’t have about a third of the tracks in question and that when I wrote up the Beta post for this mix, I didn’t have a name for it. Well I do now, keep reading for the details…

Name Game: So I really wanted Jelly Bean on my phone and I found out that my carrier was very likely not going to flash it OTA to my particular phone. So I said screw that, and screw them, and with help from my co-workers, successfully rooted my phone and flashed Cyanogenmod 10 onto it for flavorful Jelly Bean goodness. Once I successfully rooted it, I put this playlist into effect

Temporality: At first, this was going to be a morning mix, but it is most definitely an afternoon mix. It would also work as an evening mix if timed right. The later tracks are a good starter for a night mix, which is probably what’s going to happen.

Notable Tracks:

Side note, refer to my Beta post for the notables there, since those have not changed, I’m just adding the song below for flavor

Zedd feat. Foxes – “Clarity”

This track from Zedd I almost glossed over because it is admittedly pretty repetitive, even though Zedd does quality work. I have a pretty good collection of his non-pop song remixes. What brought me back to it? Foxes. I’ve never heard of her before, and yes, she sounds like a standard pop/vocal trance vocalist, but I swear the way she hits the notes on the phrase “our love” will make you either melt, or want to take some hits ASAP.

  1. Bonobo feat. Szjerdene – “Towers”
  2. Vampire Weekend – “Don’t Lie”
  3. Caro Emerald – “Tell Me How Long”
  4. Chihara Minori- “Kono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita”
  5. Alton Miller feat. Thato – “Waiting for You (Franco de Mulero & The Soul Creative Itbitaly Remix)”
  6. Venger Collective – “I Want to Live (Dolls Comber Vocal Edit)”
  7. Daft Punk – “Contact”
  8. Skaei – “Tonight (Extended Mix)”
  9. DF&S vs. Ceresia & Ron Carroll – “Bang Band (Explode)(Voodoo & Serano Extended Mix)”
  10. Zedd feat. Foxes – “Clarity”
  11. Rene Ablaze & Alexander Xendov feat. Sharon Fehlberg – “Cast Your Spell (Clokx Edit)”
  12. Wiply – “All I Gave to You”
  13. Wanklemut & Emma Louise – “My Head Is a Jungle (Gui Boratto Remix)”

Happy Listening!


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