Backtrax: Census Mix – Spring 2010

In today’s Backtrax, we go back to the beginning of one of the best spring/summer mixed I’ve ever made. From Spring 2010, it’s the Census Mix!

Name Game: I was working the 2010 Census as a Crew Leader when the mix was laid down.

Temporality: This is the first instance we’ve come to of an All Day list. That is to say that all times of the day have been compressed into this list. In other words, there’s no real wrong time to play this mix. I preferred playing this in the late morning when I’d meet up with the enumeration crew, such that I’d be cruising to La Roux in the afternoon, but your mileage will vary, no puns intended

Notable Tracks:

Two Door Cinema Club – “This Is the Life”

La Roux – “As If By Magic”

Fred Falke, Aeroplane and The Twelves had kind of backdoored me into indie music with their 80s style synth remixes of a few indie artists (which will make future appearance as we approach fall and winter). In doing so, I found out about Kitsuné Records, home of both Two Door Cinema Club and La Roux. TDCC played the indie card much more straight than I was comfortable with, but it was the quirky beats and sharp Britpop vocals that sold them. “This is the Life” is my favorite track from them. La Roux, on the other hand, I found out about via the Gears of War 2 ads with Skream’s killer “Let’s Get Ravey” remix of “In for the Kill”. Once I found out they were Kitsuné with TDCC, I had to try them out by default. 160 scrobbles and God knows how many plays that went unscrobbled later, still no regrets.

Lauren Flax feat. Sia – “You’ve Changed”

This was my default evening/night cruising jam. Sia’s vocals are powerful as hell (for a modern pop singer), but what really does it for me is the synth beat. It literally vibrates with energy, and when it drops out and goes to that trumpet sounding deal, it’s realll smooth.


  1. Julien Dyne feat. Parks- “Fallin’ Down”
  2. Quantic – “Time Is the Enemy”
  3. DJ Day – “Four Hills”
  4. Chill Vortex – “Barita”
  5. Minus Blue – “Sweet Harmony”
  6. Stargazer – “Saa Moja”
  7. Dr. Rubberfunk – “Sunset Breakup”
  8. Gelka – “When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go”
  9. The xx – “Intro”
  10. The xx – “Crystallised”
  11. Two Door Cinema Club – “Cigarettes in the Theatre”
  12. Two Door Cinema Club – “This Is the Life”
  13. Neon Indian – “6699 (I Don’t Know If You Know)”
  14. La Roux – “Quicksand”
  15. La Roux -“Colourless Colour”
  16. La Roux -“As If By Magic”
  17. La Roux – “Reflections are Protections”
  18. Terry Poison – “Fix the Night”
  19. Florence and the Machine – “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Switch Mix)”
  20. ATB – “You’re Not Alone (Evo Remix)”
  21. Yenson – “My Feeling (Deniz Koyu Remix)”
  22. Lauren Flax feat. Sia – “You’ve Changed”
  23. Laidback Luke and Gregor Salto feat. Mavis Acquaviva – Step by Step (Big Room Mix)
  24. Chris Montana – “The One 4 Me (Radio Mix)”
  25. Lanfranchi feat. Neja and Farina – “Sorry”
  26. Degrees of Motion – “Show Me (B’s Subtle Re-Edit)”
  27. Desaprecidos – “Follow You (Simone Farina &
  28. Copacabana Clug – “It’s Us (Dancefloor Mix)”
  29. Toquefans – “Fodeh”
  30. Soulbasics feat. Kyla Sexton – “Out of Time (Vincent Kwok Ti
  31. Jose Nunez feat. Octahvia – “In My Life (Jose’s Vocal Mix)”
  32. Nausicaa – “Alphen”
  33. Cafe 24H – “Saint Maurice”
  34. Reboot – “Enjoy Music (Crazy P Remix)”
  35. Bass Hitt – “The Beat that Makes You Move”

Happy Listening!


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