Beta: Spring 2013

Hello music fans! We’re hard at work here at ProjectSkylon on the new playlist for the second half of Spring 2013. It’s as of yet unnamed, though there are a few candidate names being kicked around.

So the question you may be asking yourself is what’s on the slab for May/June? Well glad you asked. Let’s start with one notable that WON’T (so far) be on the list. Most of my playlists this time of the year have tended to feature at least one track from Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Well, she did drop a demo of her new track “Young Blood”. It’s not a bad track. A bit slow and “emotional” for me, so hopefully someone will remix the hell out of it and turn it into a Top of the Pops track.

So what WILL be on the list? So far, I’ve only got about eight tracks down, but we’re off to a pretty good start. Spoilers below:

Caro Emerald – “Tell Me How Long”  When I saw that Caro Emerald (real name Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw) had dropped another album, I was all about it. After all, when “Back It Up” dropped back in summer 2009, it immediately made my playlist at the time. Once I did get a hold of her latest offering, The Shocking Miss Emerald, I liked it, but will admit I did want a little more. I like her mix of contemporary pop and 1940s big band, but it seemed like there was more 1940s style than 2010s. The very last track on the album, “Tell Me How Long” is a perfect blend of both time periods, and is easily in my opinion, the best song she’s EVER put up. My only complaint: it’s too damn short! Gimme another reprise of the chorus or verse at the end!

Chihara Minori – “Kono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita” I’m an anime fan, and generally speaking, at least one Asian track, be it J- or K-pop, appears about this time of the year when I start watching the good spring anime. The first time I watched the anime that this song opens for, Suisei no Gargantia (That’s Gargantia on the Verduous Planet, for those who are exclusively English speakers, opening included below.), I was mixed on whether or not I was going to like the series, let alone the song. You know what sold it for me? The pitch bending synth mid-verse. That and the bitching drums.

Daft Punk – “Contact” I have been waiting with baited breath for Daft Punk to drop a new album. Ever since the Tron: Legacy soundtrack came out, I’ve been waiting to see what ridiculousness they’d come up with next, especially since Disney neutered the hell out of their sound (though “Derezzed” was what’s up). Random Access Memories finally came out, and for all the hype, it’s kind of mediocre. I get what they’re doing, and it is advanced, putting a future spin on a 70s throwback vibe, but at the same time it’s almost like they’re playing it safe by surrounding themselves with big names like Pharrell and Sergio Moroder. “Contact”, however, I feel is a departure from that. When I was a kid, back in 1998, after I was thoroughly brought into the EDM/techno fold via The Chemical Brothers, and realized that Daft Punk was behind “Around the World” and “Music Sounds Better With You” (via Stardust), I imagined what the two of them would sound like together. “Contact” is exactly that. Chemical Brothers circa Dig Your Own Hole mixed with Daft Punk circa Homework or Discovery. Also, for those rock purists, get on your drum sets and get down on the drum tracks (I’ve already seen one person on YouTube do it).


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