Backtrax: Eurovision Song Contest Belgrade 2008

The penultimate post of Eurovision week, today we take a look at my picks for the Eurovision 2008 from not quite so sunny Belgrade! Tracks here are listed in the order which I had them picked to win from best to worst

Notable Tracks:

Mor ve Otesi – “Deli” This was my pick to win it all. Unlike the more poppy tracks (I’m specifically looking at the Greeks here with their craptacular “Secret Combination” of bullshit), this was an imaginative rock song that actually moved me to want to go out and break stuff. Apparently, judging from the exquisite bad taste shown by voters that year in choosing Dima Bilan, extremely poppy and looks based is what they wanted and thus Mor ve Otesi managed to finish 7th in the field.

Sirusho – “Qele Qele” Pop was all the rage back in 2008, and Sirusho was, in my opinion, the best of the pop field. Good club rhythm, vocals are simplistic, but ultimately, they don’t matter as long as Sirusho stays on key, which she does quite well. Although I liked “Deli” more, “Qele Qele” finished in fourth place behind the Greeks who just barely beat her out for third.


Mor ve Otesi – “Deli”

Sirusho – “Qele Qele”

Maria Haukaas Storeng – “Hold On Be Strong”

Jelena Tomasevic feat. Bora Dugic – “Oro”

Vania Fernandes – Senhora do Mar (Negras Aguas)

Boaz – “The Fire In Your Eyes”

Simon Mathew – “All Night Long”

Sébastien Tellier – “Divine”

Charlotte Perelli – “Hero”

Gisela – “Casanova”

Euroband – “This Is My Life”



Happy Listening!


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