Backtrax: Sandy House Mix – Spring 2009


First, before we get into today’s special edition of Backtrax for Eurovision week, a little bragging rights biz: My numbers one through three picks, along with my funny (Malta, Spain, Norway and Greece, see my Eurovision 2013 post) made through to the finals! So in that spirit, we take a look at my Spring 2009 list that features my number two pick, Alexander Rybak, who won it all!

Name Game: My buddy Dan, whom referred to simply as Sandy, was living in a truly kick ass lakefront house in Monroe Falls. Because I had just returned to Akron after graduating, I had nothing to except wait for the weekend and kick it with Dan all weekend. He started calling it “Sandy House”, and so this was this mix that I had created during my weekends at Sandy House.

Temporality: Morning/Afternoon. This mix is almost an all day mix, but while in a true all day mix, you can start it really anywhere at any time, you can play this list basically at any time, but only if you start from the beginning of the list. Late morning is a great starting place due to the downtempo at the beginning, but if you time it up right, you can start in the afternoon and get to the downtempo in the evening or late at night, but don’t play the Eurovision tracks in the late night. That just doesn’t go (for me)

Notable Tracks:

Alexander Rybak – “Fairytale”

Brinck – “Believe Again”

Flor-de-lis – “Todo Ruas Do Amor”

Waldo’s People – “Lose Control”

These four tracks were my top three and dark horse picks for 2010. This was also the first time I had broken my picks into seedings. Before I just marked my picks off on a list and called it a day. I did have Brinck to win it all for Denmark, but since he went down, Rybak for Norway picked up the slack quite nicely. Portugal’s Flor-de-lis was a beautiful song, but it was just a bit too pretty for its own good. As for Waldo’s People, hell, I’m a sucker for a good house/trance beat. It got me from the jump, but I know it didn’t have a real shot.

Samantha James – “Amber Sky”

I’ve had my eye on this incredibly gifted singer since she dropped “Rise” back in ’06. “Amber Sky” is the most beautiful ethereal track with vocals that didn’t sound like it should be on some low tarred infomercial, or marketed for those who are more on the Enya side of ambient/downtempo (and there’s nothing incredibly wrong with Enya) that I’ve ever heard. This song is one of the reason why my car is named Samantha.

Lisa Shaw – “All Night High (Justin Michael Mix)”

Moses McClean – “Love Thing (Harley & Muscle Deep Mix)”

Marc Evans – “Beneath the Crescent Moon”

First of all, major props to Kay Rush for her Unlimited series, which is how found “All Night High” and “Love Thing”. Marc Evans comes courtesy of G Lounge Milano, which has always had good taste.

Lisa Shaw I’ve been familiar with for quite some time. Ever since college, I’ve been clubbing it up with her smooth, sultry vocals, with the finest in deep house and sophisticated sounding beats. Moses McClean and Marc Evans were new quantities to me, but this three track combo is absolutely PERFECT for cruising either immediately to, or immediately from the club (and all related activities before and after, if you know what I mean, wink wink)


Dubdiver – “Floating on Love”

Bossa Nostra – “Roxanne (Nao Ligar)”

Climatic – “Hazy Days”

Merge of Equals – A Lua

Rico Puestel – Beyond Them

Alexander Rybak – “Fairytale”

Brinck – “Believe Again”

Flor-de-Lis – “Todas as Ruas do Amor”

Gelka – “Rasta Baby”

Samantha James – “Amber Sky”

Home & Garden feat. Lisa Shaw – “Someday”

Ivan Enot – “Grooves of the Heart”

Evolve feat. Margo Reymundo – “The Way Back (Random Soul Remix)”

Doctor Rockit – “Cafe de Flore (Trio Reprise)”

The Orange Lights – “Life Is Still Beautiful (Alan Braxe Mix)”

Friendly Fires – “Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

Relation – “Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)”

LOL – “Love Leaves No Scar (Paolo Aliberti Remix)”

Shaun Baker feat. Maloy – “Hey Hi Hello (Michael Mind Edit)”

Waldo’s People – “Lose Control”

Booty Luv –  “Say It (Warren Clarke Vocal Mix)”

Pryda – “Miami to Atlanta”

Crat B. feat. Nica Brooke – “Summer Voyage (Cover Me)”

Sosua & Mad – “Supaconstellation (Club Mix)”

Chanel – “If You Love Me (Disco Lips Remix)”

Deep Josh feat. Kaysee – “Never Stop the Music (DJ Meme Vocal Mix)”

Lisa Shaw – “All Night High (Justin Michael Mix)”

Moses McClean – “Love Thing (Harley & Muscle Deep Mix)”

Marc Evans – “Beneath the Crescent Moon”

Crystal Waters – “Never Enough (Harlem Hustlers )”

Phonique feat. Erlend Oye – “For the Time Being”

Happy Listening!


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