Muzak Musings (aka Music I Hear At Work)


On a slow Tuesday evening, Matt, a coworker of mine, was being the latest victim of my shameless promotion of the blog when he gave me a good suggestion: a listing of the music I hear at work on a daily basis. So I’m running with it today. Since I tend to post in the daytime when people actually read these kind of things, here’s a (partial) tracklisting of the music I heard at work today from 11-6:

BT – “Simply Being Love (Somnambulist)” <–I walked into the building with this song playing

Dave Matthews Band – “Ants Marching”

The Spinners – “The Rubberband Man”

Jay and the Americans – “Some Kind of Wonderful”

Lenny Kravitz – “Fly Away”

The Go-Gos – “We Got the Beat”

KC And the Sunshine Band – “Keep It Coming Love”

King Harvest – “Dancing in the Moonlight”

Smash Mouth – “I Can’t Get Enough of You Baby”

Terrance Trent D’Arby – “Wishing Well”

Madonna – “Ray of Light”

Mariah Carey – “Emotions”

Kylie Minogue – “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”

KC And the Sunshine Band – “That’s the Way I Like It”

Gwen Stefani – “The Sweet Escape”

Michael Jackson – “Wanna Be Starting Something”

Weezer – “Buddy Holly”

Spice Girls – “Stop”

Sugar Ray – “Fly”

The Eagles – “The Long Run”

Barenaked Ladies – “It’s All Been Done”

Whitney Houston – “Somebody Who Loves Me”

Cher – “Believe”

Mary J. Blige – “Just Fine”

Phil Collins – “Just One Night”

The Edgar Winter Group – “Free Ride”

Weezer – “Island In the Sun”

The Romantics – “What I Like About You”

Barenaked Ladies – “Get In Line”

Sonique – “It Feels So Good”


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