Backtrax – Biorhythm Mix: In Memoriam – Spring 2011


For today’s edition of Backtrax, we’re taking a peek at Spring 2011 with the In Memoriam mix. Of all the lists I’ve made, this one is almost an anomaly due to lots of changes happening to me in a short span of time: first actual post-college job, new girlfriend, and..

Name Game: This list was in beta when my sister Mamie died April 19, 2011 from lymphoma. Kind of obvious, I still don’t like talking about it even now, so I’ll leave it at that.

Temporality: Morning/early afternoon. I was still working a very early shift which mandated leaving my house by 7:15 to make it on time, so this is mostly chill house with my Eurovision picks put into the mix. They actually mixed nicely.

Notable Tracks:

A Friend in London – “A New Tomorrow”

Sjonni’s Friends – “Coming Home”

Lena – “Taken By A Stranger”

Ell & Nikki – “Running Scared”

2011 was the first year where I did not have time to go through my Eurovision process and select my songs a month or two in advance. As a result, my fave four picks , and my dark horse pick, Ell & Nikki’s “Running Scared” , which won, were picked after I started watching the semi-finals reruns (I had to work for the semis and didn’t have a chance to preview the field). While I totally thought that Lena had the chance to run it back to back, I picked Sjonni’s Friends to win out. Though they made the Finals, they did pretty badly, unfortunately for the late Sjonni Brink, placing 20 of 25 in the finals.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Bittersweet”, “Off & On” AND “Starlight”

When I said in the post for the Callback Mix that Sophie Ellis-Bextor was one of my favorite female vocalists ever, I wasn’t lying. Ever since my friend Diego put me onto her in 2005, it was a match made in heaven. Pure pop goodness, and as I’m prone to despise pop in all of its forms post Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, that is no small compliment. The synth only make her hypnotic voice more hypnotic.

Ben – “I’m In Love (Lys Mix)”

Medina – “You and I (Deadmau5 Remix)”

Here we have two sides of the same coin. When I just wanted to cruise, or when I’m feeling it, and I’m going for that synaesthetic feeling that one knows when they feel it (using whatever aids to get them there they’d like) Ben provided a good house cruising track, while Medina gave me the trance side.


Enrico Donner – “Yearning for More”

Grimelock – “My Balance”

Commix – “Japanese Electronic (Instra:Mental Moog Remix)”

Synkro – “Open Arms”

Bonobo – “Kiara”

Ilya Santana – “Transborder (Leatherette Remix)”

Dolphin Boy – “Don’t Stop (Ashley Beedle’s Mavis Re-Edit)”

Tycho – “Coastal Brake”

No Logo – “Treehouse”

Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy – “Atlas (Gui Boratto Remix)”

A Friend in London – “A New Tomorrow”

Sjonni’s Friends – “Coming Home”

Lena – “Taken By A Stranger”

Ell & Nikki – “Running Scared”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Bittersweet”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Off & On”

Ben – “I’m In Love (Lys Mix)”

Sun Decade feat. Ronski Speed and Emma Lock – “U Got Me (Vocal Mix)”

MiracleBlue feat. Minette – “New Eyes”

Anton Sonin & AMX – “Never Go (Progressiver Remix)”

TyDi feat. Brianna Holden – “Never Go Back”

Tritonal feat. Meredith Call – “Broken Down (Will Holland Remix)”

Tiesto & Mark Knight feat. Dino – “Beautiful World (Original Club Edit)”

Medina – “You and I (Deadmau5 Remix)”

Depeche Mode – “Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)”

Deeplife – Arazu

Douze feat. Lo Galbo – “We Got the Love”

Wolfram feat. Hercules & Love Affair – “Fireworks (Johan Agebjorn Remix)”

Mario Basanov – “Do You Remember (Arithmatix! Remix)”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Starlight”

Depeche Mode – “Halo” (Goldfrapp Remix)”

Happy Listening!

(thanks Mames!)


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