The Playlist Crafting Process

And now the $64,000 question: How in the holy hell do you make these crazy lists? Well my sons and daughters today is the day you find out how.

Step 1: Listen to AN ASSLOAD of music. Okay, maybe not literally an assload but I listen to a lot of music from varying sources. Okay, maybe not the radio. Definitely not the radio, unless it’s Sirius/XM, in which case The Beat is what’s up.

Step 2: Pick which songs make the cut. Look, just because it’s got big full notes and nice measures doesn’t mean I’m gonna get all aural with you. I’ve got standards. You’ll get a sense of my sound as we go along. Also, no old tracks. If an older track appears on a compilation album that was released this year, then it can find a place on a current list, but I try to trim those out. I like to keep my lists as up to date as possible, given the fact that some tracks aren’t available to the US because we only listen to apparent dreck. Older tracks have their own playlist, which will also make an appearance here sooner or later

Step 3: Who goes where? This is the part where I’m going to lose most of you with some kinda hippie shit. For every set of spatial and temporal coordinates, there is a corresponding sound frequency. Put with less pseudo-scientific arrogant bs: for every time and place, there’s a song, or at least a wave. It’s not something you can search for specifically, and most people don’t feel it consciously but when a time, place and song intersect, an sweet feeling is created but not in a crappy teenybopper romcom way. Now, I’m not saying I’ve got the magic stick, I can’t actively search out those intersections, but I do have a sense of biaxial temporality

tl;dr I can kind of hear the energy of the song and place them in the appropriate order so that when you play it, you get the right “sound” for each part of the day. Since the playlists progress through the year, the music changes with the seasons as well.

Step 4: What’s in a name? The last, and one of the most important parts to the playlist is the name. Until it’s ready, the list stays in a beta mix, because it don’t mean jack if you don’t remember what you’ve listened to, so they all get catchy names, temporally appropriate to events in my life. Once everything is done it becomes an official Hazy Mix playlist, ready for use in various applications, from work commutes, to smoking spliffs on a Saturday afternoon, and if you’re not careful, you just might learn something.

Still tl;dr? Okay: I pick which songs go well together for a given part of the day, and string them along. There. Doesn’t sound too mysterious right? Anyone could do this, yeah? No. Well, yeah, anyone could, but mine are special, damn it! You’ll see!


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