So, what the hell is this really? (The First Post)

That’s the question isn’t it? So one night, after years upon years of thinking how I could get my quite randomly diverse music taste out into the world, it comes to me in the middle of a biscoff and strawberry jelly sandwich: TUMBLR! I figured I needed a badass name, or at least a pretentiously electronic one, and thus Project Skylon was born! Then, sometime after that had been posted, and a few Spotify failures later, a coworker told me how I was totally not using tumblr correctly and he’s right. I finally found it in myself to set up this WordPress site, and shell out the cash for the domain.

So, what the hell is this, really? This is my attempt to get my musical whatevers out in the world. I mix a pretty damn playlist that spans many genres and types from house to rock, reggae to classical and back again. You ever hear of trance death metal? By the time I’m through with you, you will.

So watch this space in the coming days, weeks, months and any other time interval you care to list, and hopefully we’ll explore some bomb ass music together


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