FYI: Just a Quick Word on Track Listings

Before I get into the hardcore posting of playlists–because it’s taken me this long to find a way to do this that works–I just want to take a moment to explain (again) on why I include tracklists. There’s really only three reasons for that, so if you’d like to follow me to the next <p> tag.

First and primarily, because as sweet as the Spotify library is, there are plenty of tracks that are not available in the US, don’t officially exist, or are otherwise unavailable to them. In other words, I’m just too damn cool for school. But seriously folks, I do have a lot of obscurely found tracks, and people should know who they are.

Second, because of the aforementioned availability issue, there will be tracks which will not appear in the playlist, unless you jacked my laptop. If that is so, be warned, I chased down the last person who attempted it in bare feet, without my glasses. But seriously, the missing tracks are stored locally, so I can see them, but you can’t. So I’m telling you what you’re missing.

Last, because of the previous two reasons, the missing tracks create gaps in the playlist window, thus, your list will not have the correct order. The tracklist I give you will be in the right order, and thanks to my current boss who gave me this idea in the interview for my job, I will include an embedded link to a youtube if one exists.

Now I know I could have said that in one, maybe two reasons, but I decided to break it down because, you know, freedom.


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